Woman Snoops In Boyfriend’s Bag, Complains About Engagement Ring She Finds

It kinda goes without saying that snooping through your partner’s stuff is a no-go. Not only is it a violation of their right to privacy, but it also points to something being seriously wrong in the relationship if you feel like you need to do it in the first place. Do you not trust them? Are you suspicious that they’re doing something behind your back? What’s really going on here?

A woman on Facebook not only went through her boyfriend’s stuff but then the story got way worse from there…

She posted about her snooping on Facebook. Talk about shameless! Not only did she think it was cool to tell her social media followers that she’d violated her boyfriend’s trust by rooting through his nightstand, but she also had the nerve to bitch about what she found there.

Surprise! It was an engagement ring! Most women would be ecstatic to discover that their partner was planning to propose to them, but not this one. In fact, she was pretty annoyed because she was “not a fan” of the ring he’d picked out for her. Yes, seriously.

Instead of getting over herself, she wanted advice on how to tell him his ring choice was terrible. Again, the ring is probably the least important part of an engagement or even of a marriage, but not to this unnamed woman. In fact, she wanted those on her friends list to tell her how to “tactfully” tell her partner to go back to the drawing board and get her a ring that was more to her liking. Yikes.

She got seriously roasted on Reddit. And so she should be! When someone shared a screencap of the woman’s FB post on the NiceGirls subreddit, the response was as you’d expect: loads of people saying this guy needs to dump her like a bad habit and others pointing out that this ring wasn’t some cheap gumball machine piece anyway—it probably cost somewhere in the thousands.

Women like this give the rest of us a bad name. Again, if you truly love someone, what does it matter what kind of ring you’re wearing on your finger? Sure, if you’re going to wear a piece of jewelry every day for the rest of your life, you want something you like, but this woman’s ungratefulness—especially considering she was in the wrong for going through her boyfriend’s stuff in the first place—is indicative of a much bigger issue.

No word on what happened afterward. Hopefully, he found out she’d been snooping or she couldn’t help but complain about the ring and he did indeed dump her and save the ring for someone who actually loves him and appreciates him for who he is rather than what kind of rock he can put on her finger.

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