Women Stage Funeral For Friend’s Straightness After Coming Out As Bisexual

After coming out as bisexual, 27-year-old California woman Nicole Maynard decided to gather her friends and hold a funeral for her “straightness.” Hilariously, her friends all turned out to pay their respects to the old version of their friend so they could usher the new and improved one in.


Threw a funeral for my straight best friend. She’s now my bi best friend HAPPY COMING OUT 🤪🫶🌈🌈🌈❤️❤️❤️ #lgbt #comingoutparty #bi #lesbian #greenscreen

♬ Death – Trippie Redd

  1. Maynard is still exploring her sexuality. She admits she only ever dated men until she had a few flings with women and realized she was more attracted to the same sex than she previously thought. “I have always been the token ‘straight’ friend in the friend group and then after a break up with a man this year, I finally felt ready to explore my bisexuality,” she told Kennedy News and Media (via NY Post).
  2. After coming out as bisexual, a funeral for straightness seemed appropriate. Maynard went on to say that “the idea of ‘RIP Straight Nicole’ took off” and she wanted to celebrate her sexual awakening. So, she floated the idea of the funeral to her friends and made an invitation. Her friends took care of the rest of the arrangements.
  3. The “funeral” looked like a total blast. About 25 of Maynard’s friends came out in funeral attire for the party. Her straightness was eulogized with Justin Bieber lyrics and reminiscences of old straight relationships she had. She even had rainbow balloons and a headstone with the words “RIP Straight Nicole” decorating the place. Who knew coming out as bisexual could be so fun?
  4. A funeral for straightness might seem a bit macabre, but it’s important. Maynard’s BFF, Amanda Brown, organized the party and believes the event was important, especially since so many LGBTQIA+ people have “traumatic coming out stories.” This was a way to bring joy to the coming out experience, whether bisexual, gay, lesbian, trans, or anything else.
  5. Maynard had an absolute blast at the party. She even got to bring her girlfriend! “My friends were so excited to celebrate me — everyone committed to wearing all black, and I got so much love throughout the night,” she gushed. “My girlfriend was also there, and it was her first time meeting most of my friends, which was also very exciting.”
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