Yakuza Boss Sentenced To Death Allegedly Put Hit On Nurse After Failed Penis Enlargement Surgery

A Yakuza boss who has been sentenced to death for his extensive crimes once allegedly put a hit out on a nurse who performed a failed penis enlargement surgery on him. Satoru Nomura, who’s known as ‘God’ or ‘Emperor’ to those in the Kudo-kai syndicate, is said to have undergone the procedure in 2012 but was unhappy with the results so decided to have the nurse killed.

It’s unclear why exactly Nomura was so unhappy with the operation. However, according to the Tokyo Reporter, the boss, now 70, was mad at the way the nurse who treated him after the operation spoke to him when he told her he was in pain. As The Sun reports, the unnamed nurse said to Nomura: “This can’t possibly hurt as much as getting one of those Yakuza tattoos.”

He ordered another Yakuza member to stab the nurse to death. Yoshinobu Nakata, 41, was ordered to stab the nurse and he of course followed orders. He attacked her from behind on January 28, 2013, stabbing her in the chest and head. However, she was lucky enough to survive the incident.

Nakata denies that he was ordered to kill the nurse. While he did say he was with the person who stabbed the nurse, he said he had simply “given a lift to a perpetrator” and that he didn’t want to kill her. In fact, he said he had no idea that Nomura wanted her killed in the first place. Unfortunately for Nakata and Nomura, there were taped phone conversations between them that indicated otherwise.

Nomura is the first Yakuza boss to be given the death sentence. He was sentenced to hang to death for his involvement in four separate violent crimes, one of which resulted in death. However, rather than repenting for what he’d done, Nomura seemed defiant in court, telling presiding judge Ben Adachi, as per The Asahi Shimbun: “I asked you for a fair judgment, but this is not fair at all. You will regret this for the rest of your life.” Nomura is currently appealing his sentence.

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