You’ll Probably Find The One, But Here’s Why You’ll Be Fine If You Don’t

Most of us have the intention of finding “The One” and living happily ever after, and eventually, we’ll probably find it. But what if, for some reason, you don’t? Is it really the end of the world? Definitely not — and here’s why:

There might be more than one person for you.

Yes, it happens. Sometimes life is so generous that it offers us more than one suitable man to love. While you might not start off with the intention of switching husbands halfway through your married years, it happens, and for some people it’s a really great thing. You won’t know what life holds until you’re living it.

Your tastes might change.

Another thing that might happen is that what you envision as being right for you at this point in your life will be completely different once you come across it. Yeah, you might still find him, but he just might be the exact opposite of what you thought you were going to end up with.

You can always date.

Even if you never get married, you can keep dating forever and have all kind of boyfriends into old age.

You can be happy alone.

Some people realize that they’re perfectly happy in life without a main man. It’s all perspective, and if you’ve got a full and happy life, then it can remain full and happy no matter who’s in it.

You can marry whoever you want, whether he’s “The One” or not. 

What does that term even mean? There isn’t a single definition for that, so perhaps your “One” is the guy that gives you stability and not butterflies, or the other way around. It’s your call.

Sometimes love grows.

Have you ever heard of an arranged marriage, or even a marriage where people weren’t in love but decided to go for it anyway? It happens, and sometimes those couples end up in love. No one is suggesting that should be your plan, but hey, it’s an option if commitment is important to you.

You’ll always have friends.

No, friends are not exactly the same as loves, but they’re pretty awesome. Some people are more blessed in the friend department, while others are best buddies with Cupid. The concept of love is important, but it can exist in a whole heck of a lot of places.

There’s lots of stuff out there to keep you busy.

As lovely as relationships can be, they also take a lot of focus, and maybe you’d rather live the sort of life where you’d rather focus on yourself. For some people, a career is more important, some people would rather adopt and raise kids on their own than get married and have their own. Again, it’s whatever you want.

You’ll be in good company.

Some estimates say that 25 percent of millennials will never get married, and at any point, there are plenty of divorcees out there, too. That doesn’t mean these people haven’t found The One anyway, but the point is that there are more unmarried people out there than there ever has been before.

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