10 Awesome Things About The Friend Zone

The “friend zone” isn’t generally a place you want to find yourself when you’re interested in a guy, but there are way worse things in life, and it can actually be pretty awesome. Here’s why you should look on the bright side of keeping your relationship with him platonic:

You get to have an amazing guy in your life.

If you find out someone wants to be friends with you, don’t take that for granted. A lot of guys might run for the hills after a girl they don’t like makes a move on them. If he keeps you around, then you get one more awesome person to hang out with (and vice versa, of course).

Finding out where you stand means you can move on.

Rejection can suck, but getting a clear idea of what his feelings are gives you freedom to start looking elsewhere. There’s a great guy out there who will definitely want to take things to the next level, so keep your eyes peeled.

Your friend can become your dating guru.

A lot of us get lost in the dating game, so we need a friend as our sounding board. Be happy you have one more person to turn to that probably gets what your dates are thinking.

Losing a love interest could mean you gain a wingman.

Along with the advice, you can probably get some actual help with your game. When you’re out with him, you can count of him to talk you up to his friends or other guys in general. He may even set you up with someone he knows.

You gain a “Netflix and chill” partner that really just wants to chill and watch Netflix.

Sometimes we just want someone to watch Netflix and eat pizza with and that’s it. Now you have another person to add to that exclusive list. What’s not to love?

It probably saved you from a dead end relationship.

Most people’s first instinct is to focus on the potential relationship they’re losing. However, he isn’t interested for a reason, which means he probably knows the relationship wouldn’t work. Try to trust his instincts.

Your Friendsgiving table just got a little bigger.

For those who can’t go home for Thanksgiving, it definitely helps to have some friends in your area that are in the same position. You might be pouting now that your friend doesn’t want to kiss you, but you’ll be happy to have him around during the holidays.

You no longer feel the need to dress up to impress him.

When we still think we have a chance with someone, we do everything to catch their attention. Think of all the time you’ll be saving by throwing on some sweats and ditching the makeup to hang out.

You know he’s doing things because he cares, not because he wants sex

. We really do take this for granted. Don’t throw his friendship away because he doesn’t want to jump into bed with you. Realize that he cares about you in a way that isn’t sexual, but that doesn’t mean it’s less valuable.

The friend zone doesn’t actually exist.

The term implies the goal of starting relationships with people is to have sex or find romance. Although this maybe something you want, it should hardly be viewed as the only reason to get to know someone. Friends are great — enjoy them!

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