10 Best Things About Dating A Man Who Truly Respects Women

10 Best Things About Dating A Man Who Truly Respects Women ©iStock/hjalmeida

You’ve probably dated plenty of guys who’ve taken you for granted and treated you like crap. They were immature and subtly (or not-so-subtly) misogynistic and being with them was the opposite of empowering. Eventually, you’ll meet someone who respects not just you, but women in general, and having a man who truly sees you as an equal will make all the BS you went through before fade away.

  1. He lacks that obnoxious sense of entitlement many guys have. A man who truly respects women will never expect to come home to a hot meal or sex on tap. He’s grateful if you cooked and happy when you’re being intimate, but he would never demand those things or act like he’s entitled to them. He’d never expect you to sacrifice your time or energy for him without doing the same for you.
  2. His thoughts about women have evolved past the 1950s. He might not use the phrase, but he probably considers himself a feminist, and at the very least, he supports you — and women in general — in every way. He doesn’t just talk crap about believing the sexes are equals, he actually treats women like they are, and it’s incredibly refreshing.
  3. He appreciates your beauty in all its forms. He may love your dark eyeliner and that form-fitting dress you wear, but he’ll surprise you when you’re in yoga pants and a messy bun (did you even brush your hair today?) and tell you this is his favorite hairstyle on you. As horribly cliche as it sounds, he sees your true beauty on the inside.
  4. He values and supports your thoughts, opinions, and goals. He wants you to have your own goals and he’ll be right by your side as you achieve them one by one. He values your brain and its workings and never belittles or discounts your opinions, nor does he ever think his are better than yours.
  5. He’s not all that bothered about your body hair. We’ve all slept with that one guy who reminds you it’s time to shave. This guy loves your silky smooth legs, but he sure as hell won’t say anything if you’ve neglected the razor. He knows sex is sex, with or without added hair.
  6. He treats his mother right. There is nothing more nauseating than a guy who shows up at his mother’s house and turns into a man-child. A guy who respects women actually acts like the adult he is even when mommy’s around, and he calls her on a regular basis!
  7. He treats YOUR mother right. This is even more important than how he treats his mother. If a man acts like a loser around my mother, he’d be gone in a heartbeat. A man who truly respects women treats your mother as an equal.
  8. He’s into reciprocity. Reciprocity is the foundation of an equal relationship. Early on, you take turns paying for the dates. Later, you split the bills 50/50. If you took out the trash yesterday, he’ll do it today. The idea of reciprocity follows you into the bedroom. He’s never a selfish lover.
  9. He’s secure enough in himself to take on traditionally female tasks. And if he doesn’t know how to do something, he’s eager to learn. A man who truly respects women also knows how to take care of himself. He can cook, he’ll clean, he may even be better at sewing than you. He learned how to function like a human because he would never expect a woman to do it all for him.
  10. He’ll buy you tampons. Not only does a man who truly respects women have no qualms about buying tampons, he’ll probably show up with ice cream, too. Periods don’t bother him because biology. He’s just glad it’s not him doubled over in cramps.
Krystal Craiker is a freelance writer-for-hire with a focus on millennial blogging and business-to-consumer content. She has been featured on Patheos and OffBeat Home, and she contributes regularly to G.U.M. (Growing Up Millennial.)