10 “Bitchy” Behaviors You Should Feel Proud Of, Not Guilty About

10 “Bitchy” Behaviors You Should Feel Proud Of, Not Guilty About ©iStock/SolStock

There’s nothing wrong with being a bitch. After all, the word is commonly used on strong women who haven’t actually done anything wrong. In some situations, the word is more of a compliment than an insult, even though the person spitting out the curse probably doesn’t realize it. That’s why it’s time to stop caring about the names people call you, because there are some bitchy things you shouldn’t feel bad about doing at all.

  1. Speaking your mind. If your boyfriend talks down to you, tell him that you don’t appreciate the way he’s treating you. If your boss refuses to give you a raise, tell her why you think you actually deserve one. Don’t keep your opinions a secret. You should always speak your mind, even though you might get called a bitch over your honesty.
  2. Giving him a fake number. Some men won’t leave you alone until you type your digits into their phone. Plus, you don’t know if the guy hitting on you is a serial killer, so why would you give him any of your personal information? It’s safer to give him a fake number and be on your way.
  3. Cutting friends out of your life. If you’re friends with a group of drug addicts, it’s best for you to drop them. Even if you’ve been friends with someone for an entire decade, you shouldn’t feel bad about cutting them out of your life. Some people aren’t meant to be around you forever.
  4. Sleeping with a woman’s ex. No, you probably shouldn’t sleep with your sister’s ex. However, every guy you meet is going to be somebody’s ex. If you’re from a small town or school, then you can’t feel bad about snatching up a good guy after he breaks up with a girl you know. It was going to happen eventually, anyway.
  5. Saying “no” to a man. When you lead a man on, he’ll probably call you a bitch. However, there’s nothing wrong with a little innocent flirting. Your playful banter doesn’t have to lead to anything serious, so don’t let him pressure you into having sex. You’re allowed to say “no” to him, even if you’re both already naked.
  6. Knowing you’re sexy. Men love to tell you how hot you are, but they’re never happy when you agree with their compliments. Of course, it’s not a crime to consider yourself sexy. In fact, it’s much healthier for you to have a positive view on your body than it is to constantly be criticizing yourself.
  7. Breaking up with him. You’re not a bitch for breaking up with a good guy. It doesn’t matter how well he treated you, because if you aren’t happy with your relationship, then dumping him is the right thing to do.
  8. Calling someone out. If you see your bestie flirting with your boyfriend, don’t let them get away with it. You don’t deserve to be walked over. If they do something inappropriate, then they deserve to get called out, even if it’s in front of an audience.
  9. Answering questions honestly. If your friend asks if she looks fat in a pair of jeans, it’s best to tell her that the outfit is not the best look for her. If you lie to her, it’ll temporarily boost her confidence, but it won’t get her a date with the guy she’s been crushing on. Do her a favor by helping her find something more flattering, instead.
  10. Being bossy. If you’re the head honcho at your job, then you can’t baby your employees. You have to be bossy if you want them to get their work done. The same rule applies when you’re in a serious relationship. If you don’t boss your man around every once in a while, the dishes will never get done.
Holly Riordan is a writer from Long Island, New York who has authored several science fiction and horror books. A graduate of Stony Brook University, she has spent nearly a decade writing for publications including Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, and more. You can find her on Instagram @hollyrio and Twitter @hollyyrio.