10 Bonding Experiences That Make You And Your Partner Closer Than Ever

There are certain experiences in life that can make or break you as a couple. Some of the things you go through together might not always be positive, but the more you do, the closer you’ll feel to your partner. Here are just a few things that will make your bond that much stronger.

  1. Having a colossal argument and coming out the other side Whether it’s about money, housework, or the fact that he cheated on you with your best pal Susan, having one almighty screaming match can actually be a good thing for your relationship. Obviously, it feels like hell when you’re enduring it, especially when it’s the kind of fight that lasts all day or over multiple days, but it makes you stronger as a couple if you manage to get through it. Plus, you know what that means afterward? A reward in the form of make-up sex.
  2. Meeting each other’s loved ones When you’re in a new relationship, the thought of meeting all your other half’s friends and family can be incredibly daunting. However, each time you meet someone new who your partner is close to, it feels like overcoming a small hurdle. You want to make a good impression and be liked, and he wants the people he loves most to approve of you. When you nail that first meeting with each person, you both can let out a sigh of relief.
  3. Trying out something new and adventurous in the bedroom When you’ve been with someone for a long time, your bedroom game can easily become routine and start to feel stale. What really mixes things up is if you both try something that neither of you has ever tried before but both of you are curious about. Whether you end up enjoying it or not, the fact that you’re sharing something completely different together makes you feel tighter as a couple.
  4. Grieving over the loss of a person, pet, or situation We can all lose family members, friends, or pets unexpectedly at any point in life. It sucks, to say the least, and it can be difficult to get through without the support of your partner and those you’re closest to. If they’re your rock during a really challenging period in your life, like when you lose someone special, you’ll never forget it. You’ll appreciate them more than ever and you’ll be closer than you were before.
  5. Having deep and meaningful conversations about your hopes and dreams As soon as you’ve spoken about the future of your relationship and what you want out of life, as well as any personal hopes and aspirations, you automatically feel emotionally closer to your partner. Sharing things with them that no one else knows or that you’ve never told anyone before is also very binding. Being able to confide in your partner is one thing, but if they’re able to keep your secrets then it makes you trust them even more than you did before.
  6. Going away together for the first time When you go on vacation with your S.O. for the first time, whether this is a plane or car ride away, you learn so much more about each other. In fact, some people say you never know your partner fully until you’ve traveled together, as spending long periods of time together with no time or space of your own clean lead to some rather… eye-opening moments. However, if you push through that initial adjustment period, you’ll feel more bonded than ever.
  7. Having travel plans go absurdly wrong You don’t truly know your partner until you’ve been away together and have had something go terribly wrong, like a flight being delayed for eight hours or being stranded on an island due to a hurricane. You’ll likely shout and scream each other in frustration but man, it makes you stronger when you make it out the other side.
  8. Taking care of a new pet or baby together The ultimate test of responsibility and your bond as a couple, taking care of a new pet or baby can certainly be a challenge if neither of you has done it before. There will likely be tears and there will likely be tantrums, but if you can get to the end of it without killing each other, you’ll be just fine. And then comes the rewarding high-fives and the smugness you feel that you both managed to do it together as a team. Go, you guys!
  9. Laughing at your own private names and jokes  Laughing together makes you feel closer in itself, but the silly names and private jokes that you create as a couple the more time you spend together are so important. Why? Because these are things that only the two of you know and they don’t involve anyone else. They’re special. Even though there are other experiences that make you feel close as a couple, it’s the exclusivity of private names and jokes that binds you like nothing else.
Katie Davies is a British freelance writer who has built a career creating lifestyle content that caters to the modern woman. When she's not sipping tea, shopping, or exploring a new city, you'll probably find her blogging about her fashion and travel adventures at https://trendytourist.co.uk.