10 Embarrassing Habits Of Social Media Addicts

The advent of social media has changed everything about our world. Some have resisted its draw, while some have developed a full-blown addiction to social media. We begin and end our day by checking our accounts, not to mention the multitude of times we randomly check them throughout the day. There are quite a few brutally honest confessions that social media addicts everywhere are likely to identify with.

  1. We sneak a Facebook break every time we see a new notification pop up. We can’t help it; that notification makes us curious and we have to know what’s up. We might have to take a quick trip to the restroom if we’re at work, but waiting until 5 pm isn’t an option.
  2. We have to resist the urge to Instagram every cool thing we see. Every beautiful picture, funny meme, and fun fact makes us get excited inside and feel like sharing, but we know that we need to keep the sharing to an acceptable minimum so we carefully select only the best ones before we hit that beloved “share” button.
  3. We always browse the full Facebook newsfeed before and after work. To be even more brutally honest, this browsing is often done on the toilet. We know that we probably won’t find anything incredibly profound on there, but the fact that it’s updated literally every minute holds our interest, so we have to scroll through that feed and make sure we don’t miss anything.
  4. Sometimes we get curious and stalk the profile an of an ex. Even if it’s someone we don’t want to talk to again or get back with, it’s hard not to get curious from time to time and sneak a peek at their profile for entertainment value.
  5. Sometimes we end up stalking the profile of the ex’s new girl to see if she’s hotter. We really can’t help it. Curiosity killed the cat, and it also made us Facebook stalk someone we don’t even know because we have to know how we stack up against them.
  6. We keep some people on our newsfeed purely for entertainment value. When someone is overly dramatic, sometimes we just can’t unfriend them because they post the most ridiculous and entertaining stuff. It’s not that we like drama or want more of it in our life. It’s more like a train wreck; we just can’t look away.
  7. It’s hard to resist posting random song lyrics when they strike us a certain way. Music has a way of hitting us right in the heart, and it’s hard to keep those meaningful lyrics to ourselves, even though we know no one else will quite understand how magical they seem to us.
  8. We have a love/hate relationship with the “people you may know” section. We have come across people we actually knew and liked because of that section, but usually the reaction is more like “Yes, I know that bitch and I have no desire to be their friend.”
  9. We add family members and then get slightly anxious about things we post. It’s not that we’re ashamed of who we are or what we find funny; it’s just that everyone has a side of their personality that they don’t show Grandma. We don’t want to hide that side of ourselves from the entire world because we’re comfortable with who we are, but we don’t want to make Grandma uncomfortable either.
  10. We can’t see ourselves ever deleting our profiles. We love the lives we live in person, but our virtual lives are important too. Even if others think it’s silly, the lives we live online make us happy and we don’t want to let go of them.
Anna Martin Yonk is a freelance writer and blogger in sunny North Carolina. She loves hanging out with her goofy husband and two rescue dogs and can be found at the beach with a drink in hand whenever possible. You can find her on Instagram @mrsyonkdogmom or on her Facebook page.