10 Christmas Gifts I Want From My Boyfriend That I’d Never Ask For

I love Christmas but my guy and I aren’t big on major gifts because we prefer to spend money on experiences rather than on material things. Even though I might receive something small from him, I admittedly have a list of outrageous gifts that I’d die to receive, some of which I shamelessly and regularly drop hints about to him.

  1. An adorable little puppy I realize that I could totally take myself to the local humane society and find a puppy that needs a home. That being said, there’s something that seems so wonderful about receiving a puppy as a gift from someone else. I would NEVER ask my boyfriend for a puppy, but I’d be elated if he read my mind and got me one anyway. In the meantime, I’ll continue inundating him with text messages of photos of puppies that I’d like to have one day. At some point, he has to take the hint, right?
  2. La Mer face cream  La Mer is like every bougie girl’s holy grail of face products, mainly because it is extremely expensive, it smells expensive, the packaging looks expensive and only rich people seem to have it or can afford it. It’s like $300 a jar. I know you’re like, girl, bye, but listen—I’ve used samples and this stuff truly is the bee’s knees. It makes your skin instantaneously feel like a baby’s bottom. If my BF happened to buy me some, I’d be forever indebted to him. Still, I’d never ask for it since it’s so ridiculously priced.
  3. An oil change for my car To be clear, I want this because I’m lazy, not because I’m incapable of taking my own car in for an oil change. I just hate going to get my car serviced and I just want someone else to do it for me. Is this bratty? Absolutely. But at least I’m owning it, right?
  4. Groceries and grocery shopping for a month Along the same lines, I hate grocery shopping. Even though insta-cart and other online services make it basically effortless to order your groceries from the comfort of your bed, I still hate doing it. I hate meal prep and meal planning. If I had more money, I’d just eat out all of the time or hire a chef. Alas, I don’t, and I must grocery shop for all of the practical reasons. If my BF handled my grocery bill and the shopping for a month, I would just be elated.
  5. A plane ticket to visit my best friend My bestie lives super far away and as a result, it is a bit expensive to plan a trip to see her. If my guy bought me a plane ticket to see her, it would be super thoughtful, selfless, and save me $400 on a plane ticket!
  6. Monthly manicures for a year Who doesn’t love to get their nails done? I love it but I hate paying for it because it can get costly. Now, I’m a huge believer in not making others pay for things that you want, especially things like this that aren’t at all necessities, but if my guy wanted to gift me monthly manicures for an entire year, I wouldn’t be mad at all. I’d never ask for something like this, though—it just seems so ridiculous!
  7. Front row tickets to a Beyonce concert The reason this is extremely absurd is that front row Beyonce tickets cost, like, an entire week’s pay for some people. Plus, if you’re getting a pair of tickets, it might cut into your savings for the month. But I can’t be the only person who dreams of being entertained by the Queen B herself, can I? I mean, IMAGINE being front row center, dancing and singing your patootie off while Beyonce sprinkles her fierce girl magic all throughout the arena. Sounds like the most magical of gifts to me!
  8. A ride in a hot air balloon Do you ever watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette and see all of the ridiculous dates that they go on and realize that all of these dates are basically impossible for regular people to achieve without the assistance of an entire television network, and insanely expensive? Same. Well, in a recent season, they did a date in a hot air balloon. It looks amazing and ever since then I’ve wanted to ride in one. So, if my guy wants to really crush Christmas this year, he’ll do this for me.
  9. A year’s worth of Starbucks coffee Like many of us, I’m addicted to the bitter burnt taste of an overpriced cup of joe from Starbucks. I probably spend at least $100 there every single month. If my BF gave me a gift card that would cover my Starbucks dependency for an entire year, I can’t really think of anything else (except for the things on this list, of course) that could ever top that kind of a gift.
  10. Something that shows his commitment to me Up until now, everything on this list was outrageous and materialistic. But I think ultimately, I’d want something from my guy that solidifies his commitment to me and our relationship. The catch, however, is that I still wouldn’t ask for it. It’s got to come from him in his own time because he wants to show me the gesture.
Marie is an ambitious millennial woman, leading a corporate life by day and doing her best to live, laugh and love.