10 Clues That He’s Long-Term Relationship Material

If you’ve over casual relationships and are ready for something more serious and committed, the last thing you want to do is waste time and energy with a guy who’s not on the same page. When you’re dating someone new, keep your eyes peeled for these positive signs that he just might have long-term potential.

  1. He doesn’t make excuses not to see you. In fact, he looks for reasons to get together. He gets tickets to your favorite concert or looks for your favorite bands playing locally. You get a call when he’s doing his laundry at a laundromat near you even though he doesn’t live near you and asks if you wanna stop by. He says he’s in the area and was just going to stop for a bite to eat. This guy will use any excuse in the book to be with you and it’s really sweet.
  2. He wants to share purchases with you. If you are both thinking of buying a big-ticket item that can the two of you can share, he’ll suggest that you go halfsies on it. It could be something as big as a car or it could be tools for your home. If he’s willing to suggest sharing any purchase with you, he’s clearly looking for a long-term relationship.
  3. He’s future-focused in your conversations. Not only does he talk about his future a lot, but he wants to know what you hope for your own life down the road. Do you want to have kids? Do you want to stay in the city or do you want to move to the suburbs? Are you settled in your job or are you thinking of changing careers? By having conversations like this, he’s trying to find out if your futures will mesh.
  4. He has savings. He knows that in order to have a good solid future with a wife and family, he needs to have savings so that you can buy a house and other big purchases. Toys like electronics and gadgets aren’t important to him. He puts his financial focus on saving money for the big things in life because he has his eye on the big picture.
  5. He doesn’t have a lot of ex-girlfriends. There might be one or two there and a spattering of flings in his past but for the most part, he’s been looking for the one woman that he can settle down with. He’s willing to stick around long enough with a woman to discover who she really is. Breakups don’t come easy to him, so there is likely some heartbreak in his past too.
  6. He would rather spend time one-on-one with you than go out and party or spend time in crowds. When you spend time alone, he can ask you all the questions he really wants answers to. He’s more interested in getting to know you than in being seen with you. He’s not afraid to be seen with you, of course, but he’d rather have you to himself.
  7. He invites you to leave a few things at his apartment. Why bother bringing your toothbrush and deodorant with you all the time? And it couldn’t hurt to have a change of clothes there either. He’ll wash the clothes you leave there and have them ready for the next time you stay overnight. That’s this coming weekend, right?
  8. He asks for your input on major decisions. What color do you think he should paint the walls? Want to come shopping for a new couch and help pick one out? Should he go back to school so he can move up faster in the company? Your input is important to him because he hopes that you’re going to be around for a long time.
  9. He introduces you to his family. He may invite you to go on a family vacation with them, or perhaps he wants you to come to his sister’s wedding. Meeting the family means something to most guys because he’ll have time to see how you are going to fit in with them. 
  10. He asks you to stop seeing other people. And he says he doesn’t want to see other people either. Not every guy will come out and have this conversation without being coerced into it. If he brings it up, you know that he’s serious.

If you want to know if your guy is looking for a long-term relationship, look for these clues. You may not see them all right away, but they will come out over time. His actions will speak louder than his words.

Danielle has been a freelance writer for 20+ years. She lives in Canada with her dog Rogue and drinks a lot if coffee.