10 Dealbreakers That Shouldn’t Actually Matter That Much

10 Dealbreakers That Shouldn’t Actually Matter That Much ©iStock/DrGrounds

When you’re casually dating, it’s easy to write people off based on arbitrary “dealbreakers” because you know there are plenty more guys where he came from. It isn’t until you really start to like someone that you’re more forgiving of their quirks, so many of your dealbreakers may actually be preventing you from giving a great guy a real shot.

  1. How tall he is. Maybe you’re normally attracted to taller guys, but height has literally nothing to do with who he is as a person. Short guys are just as capable of being smart, hilarious, and sweet as tall guys are. If he’s a little vertically challenged, he probably makes up for it in personality, so give him a chance to prove himself before you friend zone him.
  2. How much money he makes. As long as he’s responsible, can take care of himself, and he’s not expecting you to pay for all your dates, does it really matter if he’s part of the one percent?
  3. What he’s packing in his pants. There’s a lot more to good sex than having a big penis, and there’s no one that knows that better than a guy who has a small one. He’s always had to work harder in other areas, so chances are he knows how to use what he’s got.
  4. His video game habit. He may be able to waste an entire day playing Call of Duty, but so what? You can’t pretend you’ve never spent a whole day watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. We all have our guilty pleasures, so there’s no point in judging his.
  5. His texting etiquette. Sometimes it’s really hard to tell who someone is over text. Context and delivery is completely lost, so you shouldn’t hold it against a guy if his personality seems to be lacking in text conversations. Guys use texting to make plans, not to have deep conversations, so don’t write him off just because he’s a one-word answer type of guy.
  6. His past relationship baggage. Of course, there are certain red flags you probably shouldn’t ignore when it comes to his relationship history. But in general, we all have a skeleton or two in our closets, so try not to judge him too harshly, because you probably aren’t exactly perfect either.
  7. His age. As long as you’re comfortable with him, attracted to him, and your relationship works for you, the age gap between you shouldn’t be a big deal. Usually it has more to do with worrying what other people will think than your own feelings, and that should be the last thing on your mind.
  8. His level of education. Not everyone is cut out for getting a Master’s degree from a top University. Some guys are more the hands-on learning type, and a degree isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for success. As long as he’s happy, who are you to judge?
  9. He’s kind of shy. Just because he hasn’t been super upfront about being interested in you, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t jump at the chance to go out with you. Maybe he just needs a little assurance that you’re interested too, so let him off the hook and make the first move.
  10. He has a lot of female friends. Not every girl he talks to is your direct competition. You should actually want a guy who can hang out with other girls and not think of them as a potential hook up. Not to mention, if they think he’s cool, that probably means he’s a decent guy, and worthy of your time.
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