10 Differences Between Mr. Right & Mr. Right Now

When you’ve been dating a guy for a few months, the one thing you’re probably anxious to find out is whether or not he’s “The One.” There are so many signs that get overlooked when dating – major ones that would have saved so many women from wasting their time on guys that have no plans on taking things further with them. Find out if you’re with Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now by paying attention to these things.

  1. How much he knows about you Mr. Right Now usually knows surface-level knowledge about you and things that are obvious. He’ll know you like clothes, your favorite color, and he may even remember your birthday. Mr. Right, on the other hand, has a deep understanding of you and cares about the small details. He’ll be familiar with all those surface things about you, but he’ll also know your fears, the struggles you’re facing, your strengths, your favorite memories, and what’s important to you. He’ll ask you lots of questions about yourself because he will want to know the real you.
  2. The types of gifts he buys you Your Mr. Right will always have your interests in mind, and he’ll remember the things you said you like and will give random gifts as a kind gesture. Mr. Right Now is good at making things look good. He’ll probably buy you something he assumes all women like and will probably buy it for an important event like your birthday but will fail to give thoughtful gifts as a kind gesture.
  3. How deep your conversations go Can you talk freely about anything without being afraid that you’ll send him running away? If you’ve met a guy that makes you feel like that, he’s your Mr. Right. He’ll be mature enough to have any conversation with you without shutting down and feeling uncomfortable, whereas Mr. Right Now will only want you to talk about topics he feels comfortable with. It’s likely he won’t want to talk about the future with you or any challenges he went through.
  4. Who makes the plans Is he steering the relationship to suit his schedule? If so, it sounds like he could be a Mr. Right Now. He doesn’t make you a priority in his life and always makes plans to see you last minute. He’ll encourage you to cancel your plans to come and see him even though he wouldn’t do the same for you. Your Mr. Right will be respectful of your time and will plan things with you. If you’re out with friends, he’ll be happy you’re socializing and he might ask to join you or make plans to meet you the next day. He considers and respects your life outside of him, which is always great.
  5. How happy he is to have you around his friends When a man wants you to socialize with his friends, he wants you around for a long time. That man would be your Mr. Right. He won’t waste any time getting you to meet his friends because he has nothing to hide and he’ll want you to feel like you’re a part of his life. Mr. Right Now will keep his relationship with you separate from his social life. He might have something to hide or he just isn’t sure about his future with you.
  6. How hard it is to be with him Toxic relationships are usually difficult and painful, and you might notice similar negative behaviors between your ex and Mr. Right Now. When you meet your Mr. Right, however, the relationship will naturally have balance. You’ll both probably make it a joint goal to maintain that balance. It’s common for every relationship has its ups and downs. However, Mr. Right will put your feelings before his ego, which will make that the relationship strong enough to overcome any problems.
  7. How similar your values are If you have conflicting values and beliefs with the man you’re dating, he’s definitely Mr. Right Now. It may not affect the relationship in the beginning, but it will later on in the relationship. Mr. Right will feel like a reflection of you. He’ll have similar values and there will be synchronicity between the two of you.
  8. How you resolve conflict together If there’s a problem and he only resolves it by gift-giving or completely ignoring what happened and hoping you’ll let it slide, he’s Mr. Right Now. Mr. Right will give you his full attention. He will also be emotionally mature enough to communicate with you to understand your pain. After things have settled, he might give you a gift or do something to cheer you up. One thing he won’t do is sweep things under the rug and keep your quiet with a gift because he genuinely cares about your feelings.
  9. How excited he is about a future with you Can he happily make future plans with you? If the answer is no, he’s definitely not going to be around for the long haul. Mr. Right Now will feel uneasy talking about the future with you because he’s not emotionally available. Mr. Right will feel very comfortable talking about the future with you and making plans with you. This is because his intentions will be honest and transparent, so nothing needs to be complicated. When a guy is comfortable making future plans with you, you’ve potentially found “The One.”
Gemma is a travelling holistic chef that loves to spend her time between France and the UK. She has a special interest writing about dating and wellness. In her spare time you'll find her glued to a book or exploring beautiful cities around the world.