10 Harsh Realities Every Hopeless Romantic Faces At Some Point

All hopeless romantics have one thing we all have in common: we’re in love with love. We want nothing more than to be swept off our feet by someone who cherishes us the way we know we deserve. Unfortunately, we often have our hopes dashed when we face these inevitable truths about relationships.

Meet-cutes are few and far between. 

Having the opportunity to naturally meet a guy in a way that would provide a cute “how we met” story is about as likely as winning the lottery nowadays. The sad fact is that most people meet in a bar or on social media and the only men who seem to approach us do so by commenting on our tits from across the street.

Not everyone we date is looking for something serious.  

In today’s hookup culture, it can seem nearly impossible to find someone who’s looking for a committed relationship. After a few heartbreaks, we hopeless romantics often learn it’s best to find out early on if the person we’re dating is looking for a long-term relationship or simply a short-term fling. We often aren’t fit for casual dating because if we’re spending our time on someone, we don’t want it to be time wasted.

We fall too hard, too fast. 

We love the feeling of pouring all of our energy and time into focusing on the happiness of another individual. Often, this can be detrimental to our own well-being, because we wear our hearts on our sleeves and give our all quickly to a person who may not be deserving.

Our expectations can be Hollywood-level high. 

We crave the love we see fetishized in sappy movies and the Disney films we grew up watching. Having high expectations isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering we deserve someone who loves and is devoted to us. However, such high expectations can also mean we may sometimes get easily upset and feel as if our partner should be able to sense our needs.

Many Romantic Comedy Scenarios Are Actually Red Flags. 

We may have dreamed when we were younger of a guy who would fight tooth and nail to win over our affection, but as we get older we realize that those types of actions are stalker-ish and possessive. We’re going to have to say a big, “no thank you” (and maybe file a restraining order) to a dude tapping on our window at night after ignoring his phone calls and turning him down for the fifth time in one week.

We Have Trouble Staying Single. 

It’s not that we’re uncomfortable being alone with ourselves or that we aren’t independent. We merely crave the feeling of being needed and taking care of another person. We’re naturally nurturing individuals who revel in the feeling of knowing we’ve made someone else feel happy and loved.

Loving Someone Isn’t Always Enough. 

Again with growing up on Disney, we have developed the mindset that love conquers all. In reality, even if we give all we have to someone else, it isn’t always enough to keep them around. In fact, doing so can often leave us feeling like a hollowed-out version of our previous selves. No matter how much we may love them, some people are destructive, deceitful, and will stomp on the love given to them with reckless abandon.

You Can’t Rely On Someone To Fulfill All Your Needs. 

In a now-viral video, Will Smith says that he isn’t responsible for his wife’s happiness and vice versa. While this may seem harsh, his words ring true. As hopeless romantics, we often give all the happiness we have to another person and rely on them to fulfill our needs and our own happiness. The truth is, we’re all human with our own special set of needs, and putting the responsibility of our happiness on someone else’s shoulders is destructive and can often make the other person feel as if they will never be enough.

When Things Don’t Work Out, We Tend To Crumble. 

Since we have spent a considerable amount of energy invested on someone else, we often get depressed when the relationship doesn’t work out and retreat into ourselves. Even when we knew in our gut that they weren’t the one, we still mourn a lost relationship more-so than it may have deserved.

We Can Be A Bit Overbearing. 

Hopeless romantics are passionate, emotional, and wildly romantic individuals and because of this, some may find it too much for them to handle. However, whenever we do find a partner who can tolerate our high-intensity, we’ll love them like they’ve never been loved before.

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