10 Important Roles Your Friends Play In Your Love Life

When you’re single, your friends are all you have and you depend on them to help you get through life. As tempting as it might be, you can let that slip when you finally get a boyfriend. After all, even if you’ve already found love, your BFFs still play a vital role in your romantic life.

They give you a much-needed second opinion. Whether you’re unsure about something major like the guy himself or something minor like the outfit you chose for your date, you can always ask your friends and count on them being real with you.

They talk you through each fight. When you’ve had a screaming match with your boyfriend, they’ll be there to listen as you vent and provide feedback, sometimes unbiased tough love and sometimes completely biased support. They know when you need to hear the truth and when you just need to pass around a bottle and cry about it.

They reassure you that you’re not crazy. When some douchebag gaslights you into feeling like a complete psycho because you dared to text him first, you need love from your friends. You know you’re not crazy, but it’s hard to make yourself believe it when someone has screwed with your head in such a disrespectful manner.

They (at least try to) stop you from making mistakes, like taking your ex back. Your friends remember how devastated you were when he broke your heart, and they don’t want to see you like that again. Even if he swears he’s changed and you’ve fallen for it, they’re still skeptical and will try to prevent you from descending into that abyss of heartache yet again.

They tell you when you actually are being crazy. Everyone has a little bit of crazy in them, and love tends to bring it bubbling to the surface. Your girls know that you’re not crazy for texting him first, but they also notice when you actually do go near the crazy zone, like distrusting him when he’s given you absolutely no reason to do so.

They help you face your fears. Love is wonderful, but it’s also terrifying. Even when you’re ready and looking for a commitment, actually entering into one can be intimidating when you’ve been single long-term. Fortunately, you can count on your friends to help you through the scary times on your road to forever.

They’re there to pick you up when your heart is broken. To be more specific, they’ll be there with copious amounts of wine, chocolate, and a laundry list of reasons you’re better off without him. When you’re at your lowest, you won’t be alone if you keep your friends close.

They celebrate your important milestones with you. Your relationships will include so many milestones, and it’s nice to have the support of your posse throughout each one. From the first date to the first Facebook picture and all the way through to your engagement and wedding, you’ll always have the love of your group of personal cheerleaders.

They  remind you that you’re beautiful when someone makes you feel ugly. People can be cruel sometimes, but your friends know your value and they won’t let you forget your own beauty.

They help you remain true to yourself. Even when you find the ultimate happiness, your girls won’t let you lose yourself in a relationship. They know who you really are, and they know that your partner shouldn’t have the power to change you into a completely different person. As long as you keep them close, you’ll regularly be reminded that you’ve always been awesome and you shouldn’t change for anyone.

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