10 Interesting Things To Talk About With Your Crush To Spark Their Interest

It’s nerve-wracking to talk to your crush, but you’ll never get to know them or see where things can go if you don’t communicate. Starting a casual conversation is a great way to open up and to create an easygoing dynamic between the two of you, and the first step is to choose a conversation starter. You’ll want to choose a topic that will spark your crush’s interest so they’ll be motivated to continue the conversation and ask you questions in return to get to know you. At the same time, the subject shouldn’t be too intimidating or personal that it makes your crush uncomfortable or want to end the conversation. Here are 10 interesting things to talk about with your crush to spark their interest and the possibility of a real relationship between you.

  1.  Ask about his friends and family. People often love talking about themselves, so don’t be shy to ask your crush questions about his personal life. Try asking about the important people in his life, like what his parents do for work or the nicest thing a friend has done for him. Of course, there’s a fine line between being inquisitive and intrusive. So, read his body language to see if it’s comfortable answering these sorts of questions.
  2. Talk about TV shows. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t watch television in this day and age, so an easy way to start a conversation with your crush is to ask what they’ve been watching recently, as Cosmopolitan recommends. Not only will this get a conversation started easily, but it can help you identify if you have common interests. It doesn’t have to be T.V. You can also ask about what sorts of books, musicians, or podcasts your crush has been into.
  3. What are his future travel plans? This is perhaps one of the most interesting things to talk about with your crush. The pandemic has made it difficult to travel anywhere, but plenty of people are daydreaming about their ideal vacations, and chances are your crush is, too. Ask your love interest about the top place they want to travel to and why. Then share where you’ve always wanted to go. Who knows – the two of you may end up making plans to travel together!
  4. Throw out a hypothetical situation. Being random with your subjects of discussion can work in your favour. It shows spontaneity and creativity while opening the door for all sorts of interesting conversations. Hit your crush with a hypothetical situation and ask how they’d respond. Try something like, “How would you react in a zombie apocalypse?” or “If you could take three things to a deserted island, what would they be?” Be sure to keep the hypothetical light-hearted and fun.
  5. Do you like to cook? Mom Junction notes that a way to a person’s heart is often through their stomach, so the publication recommends asking your crush if they like to cook. Ask about their favourite meal or if they have any disastrous stories from the kitchen. This conversation can easily slide into the two of you making plans to cook a meal together, even if you’re both only amateur chefs.
  6. Ask about his hometown. A great way to show you’re interested in someone is to ask about where they come from. Many people don’t have a lot of opportunities to discuss their hometown, so he’ll likely be flattered that you care enough to ask. This will allow you to get to know him on a personal level and learn about the places and experiences that shaped him into the person he is today.
  7. What charity would you donate to? This is a great question because it shows that you’re interested in learning about his passions and you’re able to have a conversation that’s not centred around something superficial. You can phrase it as a hypothetical, like asking what charity he’d choose if he had $1 million to donate. It’ll also give you more insight into him as a person, including his values and beliefs.
  8. Ask him to share a crazy story. If you’re struggling to come up with a specific subject, let him take the lead by asking him about a crazy experience he’s had. Narrow it down a bit by asking about the wildest date he’s been on or a horror story from work. He’ll love sharing something about himself while you’ll be entertained. Be prepared to reciprocate by sharing one of your own crazy experiences. If you’re looking for interesting things to talk about with your crush, this is a good place to start.
  9. Discuss your life goals. Ask your crush where he wants to be in five years or the top three things he wants out of life. Focusing on personal ambitions and goals is a great way to get to know someone. He’ll appreciate that you’re interested in learning what’s important to him, which will definitely pique his interest. Reciprocate by also sharing things you hope to see in your future.
  10. What sport would you want to excel at?  You may not know a lot about sports or be interested in knowing your crush’s favourite team or player. But asking what type of athlete he’d want to be is a great way to discuss sports without getting into the nitty-gritty. It’s another opportunity to get to know him better. Plus, even if you’re not athletic, it’s also a question that’s easy for you to answer, which is important if you want the topic to lead to an engaging conversation.

Before choosing a topic of conversation, think about your crush and their interests so you can choose the best subject to grab their attention. If things are getting stale, simply move onto another topic and don’t be afraid to share details from your life, as it can help your love interest feel more comfortable opening up.

Alexandra is a freelance writer in Montreal, Quebec. She enjoys shopping as a sport, Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-runs, and being a plant mom.