10 Legit Signs Your Relationship Is Going To Last Forever

It’s hard to tell during the honeymoon phase if your love will last—it’s not until you settle into the boring, comfortable stage that your long-term potential becomes clear. If any of these things are happening, you can pretty much count on staying together forever.

  1. You trust each other completelyTrust is the foundation of every happy, strong relationship; without it, you might as well not bother. If you find yourself always skeptical and worried about what he’s doing or who he’s seeing or vice versa, there’s a problem. You know you’re on the right path when you’re with someone you never question or doubt because you know he has your best interests at heart.
  2. You don’t feel the need to be with each other 24/7. You both have your own separate lives outside of your relationship and don’t have to worry about the other person feeling resentment, jealousy, or even extreme sadness when you want to do something with your friends or even on your own. Couples who are constantly attached to the hip are often either still in the honeymoon phase or really codependent, which is bad news.
  3. You feel secure in the relationship. You’re confident in the strength and integrity of your relationship and you don’t ever have to question it. You don’t worry about exes, someone new coming along, or even the thought of losing interest. Your relationship is rock solid and your feelings for each other are strong and true. Basically, you share an unbreakable bond.
  4. You have similar goals. You don’t necessarily have to share the dream of becoming an astronaut one day, but wanting the same things when it comes to your relationship is the key to a lifelong relationship. Whether it’s planning to move in together, going on vacation, or getting hitched, you both have the same vision as to where your relationship is going to go. Whatever happens, you’re sure you want to be together through it.
  5. You’re moving forward at the same pace. On a similar note, you shouldn’t just want the same things, you need to be working towards it at the same time. There’s no sense in both of you wanting marriage if your partner wants it in a decade and you want it next year. A relationship that’s built to last consists of two people who are moving things along at a similar pace. If you’re hitting milestones and celebrating them regularly, you’re good to go.
  6. You truly respect each other. A strong foundation is not only built from trust but also respect. This means that neither of you are taking advantage of one another or physically and emotionally cheating on each other. You respect each other’s space, privacy, and property. Even if you fight or have multiple things you don’t like about each other, you always communicate directly but kindly.
  7. You can agree to disagree without resentment. Not all arguments have a definite solution. Sometimes, it’s better to agree to disagree than to drag a conflict on for a long period of time. There’s really no use in persistently trying to convince your partner of your point of view or vice versa. Coming to terms with having different opinions on something is also a solution, and as long as it’s done genuinely and without resentment, you’re on the right track.
  8. You regularly make time for physical intimacy and quality time. Making time for each other to be physically and emotionally intimate is very important for a strong relationship. It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing, but scheduling time just for the two of you is important in keeping your connection not just alive but thriving. If you make sure to get in some quality time regularly, you just might last.
  9. You never have explosive fights. A mature relationship never has explosive fights, period. If arguments usually end in one person punching a wall, screaming, or even just walking out, the relationship is definitely unhealthy. Explosive fights are commonly the result of a lack of respect and emotions running wild. Couples in mature relationships know when to stop a fight from escalating. They know when to walk away and revisit the issue once the emotions have died down. If you and your partner haven’t figured this part out yet, you’re in danger.
  10. You have healthy relationships outside of each other. Not only does the relationship with your partner have to be healthy, the relationships with other people need to be the same. This includes your parents, siblings, friends, best friends, coworkers, and even pets. Are there any relationships that you’ve neglected for your partner? Is there anyone that you haven’t seen in way too long? Don’t forget about the people who were there for you before you got into a relationship. Without them, you’d be lost.
Katrina Torrijos is a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber from San Jose, Ca. She is passionate about helping young professionals find their footing in the real world through advice, conversation, motivation, and affirmation. Read more of her work at www.hellayoung.com