10 Little Things You’re Doing To Push Him Away

While it’s always important to be true to yourself when dating, there is a limit to how much you can just do your own thing without considering the person you’re with. Everything in moderation! If you notice that you’re struggling to maintain the closeness you once had with your guy, it could be because you’re doing these things to push him away.

  1. You’re a walking raincloud. If you’re super negative all the time, that will start to weigh him down. Maybe you’re going through a rough time or you can’t seem to cut the strings of your past, but either way, if you’re bringing a pile of negativity to every date, it’s just going to make him wonder why he should be around you.
  2. You’re bringing the drama. Do you overreact when something doesn’t go your way? Do you throw your toys around and scream and shout? Whoa. While you might have every right to lose your cool if he disrespects you, flying off the handle when things don’t go the way you want will just make you seem unstable.
  3. You’re always “checking in.” Can we put the check-in messages to bed for good, ladies? Instead of sending a text to find out where he is without actually asking him or sending a text under the guise of saying hi when you’re really trying to get him to answer you, be real with him. It’s just so much better than trying to fool him. Besides, checking in is annoying and a bit controlling, to be honest.
  4. You’re always blowing up his phone. If you’re always the one to text him first or call him when he doesn’t reply to your messages, he’s going to start feeling like you’re a bit desperate. Besides, it’s better to give him a chance to show you how interested he is in you – is he actually making an effort? Otherwise, you’re just running after him, and this is making him run away.
  5. You’re the selfie queen. Yes, you want to show him just how hot you look in a bikini, but don’t send him unsolicited body shots. While this might get his attention in the short-term, it makes you totally unmemorable because he can see stuff like this on social media any hour of the day. Give him something that sets you apart from the rest. You never have to rely on your face or body.
  6. You treat him like he’s psychic. Your dream guy isn’t going to be able to read your mind. Sorry, but it’s true and it’s better to remember that. If you don’t tell him what you want, then how can he ever know? Besides, it becomes annoying for him to try to read your mind.
  7. You’re a “yes girl.” You might think that you have to say yes to everything to make him interested, but that can backfire in a big way. He’ll think you’re just trying to impress him and he’ll be put off because he wanted to get to know the real you with your own opinions and thoughts.
  8. You’re stuck on your ex. Earlier,¬† I mentioned that you might be pushing him away if you have negative baggage you’re carrying around. But you could also be doing this by showing him that you’re still into your ex. You might not even realize how you’re always referring to your ex, even in a negative way. It’s starting to make this guy think…
  9. You give him a list of deal breakers. You might think it’s better to be open about what you will and won’t put up with in your relationship right from the start, but it’s better to show instead of tell. If you’re always talking about what you don’t want, it can make him feel like you’re coming on too harshly.
  10. You’re changing. Maybe you were fun and carefree when you met him and then you became different once you guys started dating. You might be guilty of this because you put on an act to get the guy and then went back to your real self once you got him, but it’s only natural that this change will throw him off and make him wonder if the real you could just stand up.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.