10 Little Ways Guys Show They Care About You, According To A Guy

Ladies, I have some bad news for you: your life is not a movie. The guy you like probably isn’t going to produce some big romantic gesture to show how much he cares about you, but that doesn’t mean that you’re with the wrong person. When you’re in a good relationship, the devil is in the details. The right guy will always do the little things to show you that he truly holds you in high regard – you just have to notice them when they happen. Here are some ways guys show they care about you.

  1. He listens to you. I don’t know what it’s like for women, but it’s not always easy for a guy to actually listen. It takes a little effort, and he isn’t going to put in that effort if he doesn’t actually care about you. When a guy cares, he wants to hear about your life and listen to what you have to say. That being said, it can be hard to tell when a guy is actually listening to you and when he’s just pretending. Most of us are bad listeners, but if you’ve found one who’s mastered that skill, there’s no doubt he cares about you.
  2. He’s protective of you. Guys always want to be a hero to a woman they care about. I know not every woman wants or needs a protector, but that’s just how our instincts work. Instead of getting upset that he came to your aid when you didn’t need him, you should just take that as a sign that he cares. After all, he isn’t going to act chivalrous and defend you if he doesn’t have genuine feelings for you.
  3. He wants your advice. Most guys tend to think that we can handle any challenging situation on our own. It’s probably why we don’t go to therapy or ask for help that often. Of course, that’s why it’s a big deal when we’re willing to listen to any advice you have for us. If we care about you, we’ll want to hear your opinion on things. We’ll also want to hear your advice when we need some. If he goes so far as to ask for your advice and then actively takes it in when you give it, it’s a clear sign that he cares about you.
  4. He’s by your side for big events. This is one of the biggest ways guys show they care about you. On some level, being in a relationship is just being there for the other person when you need someone. For any meaningful event in your life, if he’s by your side, no questions asked, there should be no doubt he cares about you. Some guys will go begrudgingly, but the ones who feel nothing for you won’t make a big deal about it. They’ll go with you wherever you need them and whenever you need them.
  5. He’s curious about your friends. I don’t know how much women pick up on this, but most men don’t enjoy hearing about your friends that much. However, a guy who cares about you won’t mind and may even ask you about them. This is because he knows that your friends are important to you. He also expects to be with you for a long time, which means he should get used to hearing about your friends anyway.
  6. He knows your favorite things. Remember when I said that a guy who listens cares about you? This is one way you can tell he actually listens. A guy who cares about you will listen well enough to learn about all of your favorite things and act accordingly. That means he’ll always make you your favorite drink or buy you your favorite snacks. Those might sound like little details and simple things, but I assure you most guys don’t think to do them unless they seriously care about you.
  7. He keeps relationship memorabilia. If a guy cares about you, he’ll want to keep little things that remind him of the relationship. It could be a picture of you or a movie stub from an early date or something random that has some connection to your relationship. Most guys aren’t super sentimental about this kind of thing, so it’s a big deal when they keep these items.
  8. He’s always close and affectionate. Proximity is always important in relationships. When a guy cares and is super interested in you, he’ll always want to be close. I mean, hopefully, he’s not following you around the room. But whether you’re alone or in public, he’ll always want to stay close and show you affection. It’s not always the obvious way that guys show affection. Sometimes it’s just staying close to you to let you know that he’s around.
  9. He adapts to your needs/wishes. It’s not easy to make a guy change, but when he cares about you, there should be little changes that you notice. For example, if you tell him that he does something that annoys you, he’ll try to stop doing it. If he has a bad habit that he knows you don’t like, he’ll try to break it. He may not make drastic changes. But if he has feelings for you, he’ll take little steps to be a better person because he knows you’ll appreciate it.
  10. He cuddles you. While there are exceptions, for the most part, most guys don’t like cuddling. But if a guy seriously cares about you, he’ll make an exception. If he knows you like it, that’ll be enough for him. I know that getting a guy to cuddle isn’t asking a lot, but it can be for many guys.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.