Most (straight) women have that ideal, dreamy guy that she fantasizes about and longs to meet one day. Everyone has different preferences and must-haves when it comes to romantic partners, but there are certain traits that I think are safe to say are on everyone’s list (or at least should be). These are some of the most important qualities that a man should have in order to be worthy of your time and love.


Obviously, you want someone who is kind to others, but I’m not talking about that fake, rehearsed kindness where he’s polite to the waiter’s face at a restaurant then starts knocking his serving skills as soon as he walks away. Fakeness is so done, we’re all over it, and genuine kindness is what’s in style now and from here on out. A good man goes out of his way to offer a kind word or good deed to someone not because it makes him look good or feel better about himself. He does it simply because he knows it’s the right thing to do.

Pride in his work

Whether he’s the CEO of a huge company or a cashier at a grocery store, a good man takes pride in the work he’s doing and gives it his all. We’re not always going to be working our dream jobs. Sometimes we’ve just got to pay the bills and that can mean doing things that we don’t always love to do (hello, adulthood!). However, whether he’s extremely passionate about his job or it’s just a way to get him from one phase of his life to the next, he should wear his title with pride and be positive about what he’s doing and what’s to come in the future. There’s no shame in hard work and people who work as hard as they can for the good of themselves and others are always the most attractive.

Love for you

You want him to be obsessed with you in a healthy way – don’t go thinking some crazy stalker is the perfect man for you! Your guy should love you so much and love everything about you because your partner is your biggest fan. We’re not always going to wake up and feel beautiful and capable. That’s where your partner comes in to encourage you and remind you of how amazing you are. A good man will love hanging out with you, want to talk to you about everything, and admire everything that makes you, you. The guy that tries to change you is not it, sis!


A good man won’t ever give you a reason to worry about what he might be doing if he works late one night or decides to go out with his bros. A good man will be so loving and reassuring to you of his love for you that you will have no reason to be suspicious of anything he does. Who cares if he has a passcode on his phone? A good man will not only tell you what it is but will have no problem with you flipping through his messages because he genuinely has nothing to hide! Even better, a good man will never give you a reason to go through his phone in the first place.


A good man will always tell you the truth even if it isn’t the easiest thing to hear or say. He’d never want to lie to you even about something small, and he will always be upfront and open about his feelings in all situations. Sometimes, relationships involve difficult conversations when talking about your past or your expectations for the future. A good man won’t shy away from those conversations. He’ll be real with you and let you know how he’s feeling because he loves you and wants to share everything with you.

Willingness to keep you in check

Along with honesty, a good man will keep you grounded by keeping you in check when you’re out of line. None of us are perfect and there are definitely times when we can catch ourselves being unfair or unkind to someone, allowing negativity to consume us, or handling a situation in a less than savory way. A good man will never berate or condescend to you but rather remind you that all feelings are temporary and that it’s important to offer people grace, even when it feels like they don’t deserve it. A good man will make you want to be a better woman and in turn, you’ll make him want to be a better man. You’ll complement each other perfectly.

Unwavering support

A good man will cheer you on in every endeavor you take on in life. Whether it’s career-oriented, a personal goal, or even a creative endeavor you’re attempting, a good man will be there to hype you up and reassure you when you start to doubt yourself. When you truly love someone, you see all of these amazing qualities in them that they can’t always see themselves. A good man will remind you of all of the wonderful talents and skills that you have by encouraging you to keep going and crush your goals.

Willingness to fight for the relationship

All relationships face rocky times and challenging situations but a good man will do what it takes to maintain what he has with you. Whether it’s a small fight or it’s something that’s bigger than anything you’ve ever faced together before, a good man will not give up on your relationship and will prove to you how important you are to him by fighting for you. He’s not throwing in the towel and he will do what it takes to recover any damaged trust or love between the two of you. Sure, this effort is required of both of you, but he will show you with his words and actions that he’s not giving up on you.

Desire to pick up the slack when you’re struggling

Relationships are built on teamwork and support for one another and there are going to be times when one of you is struggling more than the other. Whether it’s a physical impairment or a mental or emotional one, if you’re dealing with something that is causing you to lose steam, a good man will be right there behind you to keep things going. You might need him to step up and handle the housework, the cooking, or just to be there for you while you’re trying to get through this emotional hardship. Whatever it is that you need, a good man won’t even hesitate. He will be right there to carry you forward and not only will he be willing, but he will also be happy to do it without any resentment because he loves you so much that he views caring for you as a privilege.

Regular vocalization of his feelings for you

A good man never wants his lady to go a day without hearing that he loves her. Everyone has a different love language that they give and receive but no matter how he shows it, a good man will never leave you questioning his love for you. He will continuously remind you that he appreciates and cherishes you in his life.

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