10 Nonsexual Things That Totally Turn Women On

10 Nonsexual Things That Totally Turn Women On ©iStock/lorenzoantonucci

We’re not as shallow as everyone thinks we are. Even though a set of ripped abs or strong arms will turn us on, there are more mundane things that do the trick, as well. There’s nothing sexual about them, but somehow they still manage to get us hot and heavy.

  1. Seeing him with a baby. It doesn’t matter if we want to be a mother or not. When we see a man with a baby (or a baby dog), our hearts will melt. Little creatures bring out a man’s sweet, sensitive side, and we’re all suckers for that.
  2. Hearing him say our name. There’s something sexy about hearing our own name. A man doesn’t have to whisper it seductively. Even if he casually tosses it into conversation, it’ll catch our attention. Then we’ll wonder what it would sound like when he’s moaning it in the bedroom.
  3. Holding hands with him. This is the most innocent act in the world, but when he’s driving with one hand on the wheel and the other in our hand, how can we stop ourselves from fantasizing about that hand going a little lower? We’ll just want him to pull over, so we can have our way with him right there on the side of the road.
  4. Hearing him play music. Talent is attractive. If a man sits down at the piano to play a song, we’ll want to drag him away from it to play with him ourselves. Even if he has no musical ability, but turns on the right song at the right time, it can get our juices flowing.
  5. Watching him read. Walking into the bedroom to see our man with a book open on his lap, instead of sex open on his computer, is a major turn-on. Brainy is the new sexy, after all.
  6. Smelling his cologne. Forget looks. The right scent can make us want to rip our clothes off. That’s why men should spend a lot less time picking up Axe and a lot more time searching for a cologne that we actually enjoy. It’s the easiest way to seduce us.
  7. Hearing him swear. As long as he’s not cursing us out, it’s hot to hear a man throw swear words into his sentences. It’s even better when he uses elaborate, five-syllable words with curses in between them. That’ll show that he’s a bad boy, but he’s intelligent, too.
  8. Seeing him in a suit. Men like when we wear less. We like when they wear more. It’s much hotter to see a man in a suit than to see him walking around with a wife beater. It shows his elegant side, which is something we don’t typically get to see.
  9. Hearing him tell jokes. When we claim that sense of humor is the sexiest trait a man could have, it’s not BS. A man who can make us laugh is just as good as a man who can make us moan. After all, the point of dating is to find someone who will make you smile, isn’t it?
  10. Watching him tidy up. We hate to clean, so if our man does us a favor by washing the dishes or folding the laundry, he’s going to score major brownie points. We’ll want to have sex with him as soon as he’s done washing up.
Holly Riordan is a writer from Long Island, New York who has authored several science fiction and horror books. A graduate of Stony Brook University, she has spent nearly a decade writing for publications including Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, and more. You can find her on Instagram @hollyrio and Twitter @hollyyrio.