10 Perfect Conversation Starters For A First Date That Aren’t Totally Cliche

First dates can be nerve-wracking sometimes. You chit-chat about the weather and the traffic, and then you do everything you can to avoid the awkward silence. If the conversation starts to lag or if you’re just not sure what to talk about, here are 10 fun and interesting conversation starters for you to try.

  1. What book or movie do you know like the back of your hand? This is a great way to encourage your date to talk about their interests. People always like to share their favorite movies or book series, and if you find out that you’re both Star Wars fans, or you both love the same author, ask some follow-up questions. (“Whoa, I love those books! Who’s your favorite character?”)
  2. If you could take a vacation anywhere, where would you go? Some people will know their dream vacation spot off the top of their head. Others might take a few minutes to think about it, or they might not have a specific place, but they know it’s on a beach somewhere. Give them some time to talk about their dream vacation, and don’t interrupt too soon. This way, you can show off your listening skills and learn something new about your date. Does he picture himself climbing Mount Everest, or does he prefer somewhere close to home with a cute bed and breakfast?
  3. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Believe it or not, asking someone if they are a cat or dog person can actually show their true personality. According to recent studies, cat people are more likely to be introverts. They also prefer to keep an open mind to new ideas and are usually curious about the world around them. Dog people are more likely to be extroverts, and they tend to value loyalty and kindness. Of course, this isn’t true for everyone, but it’s a fun thing to talk about with your date. You could also bring up this study and see if they agree with it or not.
  4. What’s something I would never guess about you? Different people might react very differently to this question. You might get some deep heartfelt secrets or the fact that she can juggle knives while upside down. Either way, it’s bound to be at least a little bit interesting.
  5. What does a typical day look like for you? It might be a bit cliché, but if you’re stuck, this question can help you open up a little bit more about a person’s daily routine. What do they see as a normal day? Then you can ask follow-up questions like, “Oh, your job sounds interesting! What company do you work for?” Best case scenario, they mention their pets, and then you can shift the conversation to talking about animals.
  6. Do you have friends in the area? A lot of first date conversation starters include a question about her parents or his relationship with his family. However, not everyone has a great relationship with their family, and you don’t want to open that can of worms, especially on a first date. So instead of asking about their parents, ask about their friends. Everybody can pick their friends, so ask him if he’s been able to make friends in your area, or if he’s stayed in touch with college friends. If you just moved to the area, you can ask him how he met his friends or if he has any good tips for meeting new people.
  7. Anything surprising happen today? This question is a good way to learn about someone’s day, without going into the same old stuff. They might not have an answer, and that’s okay. But if they did have something surprising happen, hopefully they’ll tell you the whole story so you can be just as surprised as they were.
  8. What’s something you want to learn how to do? Some people might have one or two skills they’d like to learn, while others might have a gigantic list. In either case, it’s a great way to break the ice and get to know them a little better. (Plus, you can get a lot of awesome date ideas!) Or perhaps she’s always wanted to learn how to crochet and you’ve been crocheting since you were six, so you could offer to teach her.
  9. What are your opinions on cheese? For some people, the topic of cheese might be philosophical. They may be vegetarian or vegan, and they’ll happily launch into a conversation about the dairy industry or the unhealthy effects of lactose on your body. For other people, they might find this topic hilarious and start trying to debate you over the best type of cheese– is it gouda? Or cheddar? Either way, this conversation starter is just strange enough so your date will remember you as a fun and interesting person to be around.
  10. What are you looking for in a relationship? Ah yes, the big question. While this might not be the very first question you ask right off the bat (“Hi! Nice to meet you! What do you want from a relationship?”), it’s always good to make sure that your expectations for this potential relationship are the same. For example, if he’s looking for a potential spouse and you’re looking for something more casual, it’s good to know that upfront. And of course, you can always go more specific than this, like, “what are you looking for in a girlfriend?” to get a better understanding of why he wants to date you.
Lauryn is a writer and blogger who hails from California. She loves big dogs, fuzzy blankets, and hot cheetos.