10 Reasons Cancers Make The Best Friends

10 Reasons Cancers Make The Best Friends ©iStock/MilosStankovic

Cancers are the mother’s of the zodiac, which means we love to take care of people, and we’re pretty good at it too. We consider our closest friends the same as family, and there isn’t much we wouldn’t do for someone we care about. Sure, we can be moody sometimes, but if you can deal with some ups and downs, you’ll never regret having a Cancer as a best friend.

  1. We’re good listeners. Empathy is one of Cancer’s most admirable traits. We’re pretty good at seeing things from different perspectives and we’ll patiently listen to you vent for hours if we can tell you need it.
  2. We give thoughtful gifts. Cancers are so sentimental that thinking of unique gifts for our friends comes pretty easy. We love inside jokes and curating memories, so you’re guaranteed to never get a generic gift from one of us.
  3. We stick to plans. Loyalty and reliability is important to a Cancer. We do what we say we’re going to do, and we expect the same from our friends. You’ll never have to worry about a Cancer flaking on you at the last minute, but if it does happen, you’ll know it’s for a good reason.
  4. We’ll discourage bad choices. Cancers are known for being extremely rational, so if you’re the type that makes reckless decisions, having one of us around might help curb that a little. We’ll point out all the perfectly logical reason why you shouldn’t do something, and while that may be infuriating in the moment, most of the time you’ll thank us later.
  5. We’re never predictable. The moody thing guarantees that you’ll never know what you’re in for if you’re hanging out with a Cancer. We’re usually homebodies, but if the mood strikes us, we’re up for spontaneous road trip or night on the town too. Whatever you do, don’t assume you know how a Cancer is spending her Saturday night.
  6. We love food. Cancers have a sweet tooth and most of us have a few amazing recipes up our sleeves. We also love anything that’s homemade so there’s no way we’d ever bring store bought cookies to your party. If comfort food is what you’re looking for, a Cancer is the person to ask.
  7. We’re genuinely interested in people. You know that feeling where it seems like people are just politely listening to you until it’s their turn to speak? Cancers never do that. If we ask a question, we’re interested in the answer. A Cancer will always make you feel like what you have to say is worthwhile.
  8. We prefer a few good friends over a bunch of acquaintances. Cancers prefer getting to know people on a deeper level. We’ll choose quality over quantity every time when it comes to friendships, so there’s no doubt you’re important to us if we consider you a friend.
  9. We can tell when something’s wrong. Cancers have a well developed and eerily accurate sense of intuition. We’re good at picking up on little changes in people’s moods and noticing when something isn’t right. You’ll have a hard time hiding your feelings from a Cancer, but good luck figuring out what we’re feeling most of the time.
  10. We’ll be your friend for life. Since Cancers put so much effort into building strong friendships, it would take a lot for us to walk away from one. Even through the tough times, we’ll do whatever we can to help. As long as you’re loyal to us, we’ll give you the same, and more, in return.
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