10 Reasons To Date An Alpha Female

10 Reasons To Date An Alpha Female ©iStock/rez-art

Not many men can handle the personality, attitude and expectations of an alpha woman. We’re independent, confident and certainly don’t need you — we choose to be with you. But don’t mistake our sass for rudeness. We want to take care of you just as much as you want to take care of us, and we’ll always have your back. Here’s why a relationship with an alpha female is so worth it:

  1. We make the rules. Not in a bossy, “you can’t do this” type of way — we’re just the ones who prefer to set the standards of how we want the relationship to be. We make sure communication is key and everything is on the table. It’s very important to us to be clear and upfront at all times to avoid misunderstandings and petty fights.
  2. We demand respect. We respect and admire you, so we expect the same back. We want you to respect who we are, what we want and need, and the fact that we’re incredibly independent. You have to be OK with our strong opinions and our refusal to censor ourselves, and we’ll be OK with you, too.
  3. We don’t put up with your BS. A submissive woman would let things go, but an alpha woman won’t. If we believe you’re being unfair or treating us poorly, we’ll make it clear and expect things to change. We also expect you to call us out if we start slipping — we hold ourselves to the same standards as we hold you.
  4. We lead the way. Literally. We’ll lead you through crowded streets, ask the questions first and put our names down for restaurant reservations with confidence. It’s just in our nature to be dominant, but it shouldn’t ever affect your masculinity, because we respect that, too. Also, we’re not so stubborn that we can’t step aside and let you take over sometimes, too.
  5. We’re proactive about making major decisions. When it comes down to it, we want to confront every issue and problem head on so that we can solve it and move on. We don’t delay on making decisions with confidence, and we expect you to be just as headstrong.
  6. We’re your rock. You’ll always feel comfortable talking to us about what’s bothering you. We give the best advice, we’ll never judge you, and we’ll always tell you the truth. We’re real, we’re strong and we want you to be just as empowered as we are.
  7. We stick up for you. You never have to worry whether or not we’ll defend you, because we always will. An alpha woman always has something to say, and we’ll never let someone put you down or belittle you in any way. We know you can stick up for yourself, but we’re a team, and we’ll be right there by your side.
  8. We fight for you. If we love you, we’ll always put up a fight for you. The health and success of the relationship is more important to us than anything. If we’ve done something wrong, we fix it. If things are tough, we’re not going to give up until they’re better.
  9. We want you to stand next to us. Being an alpha woman doesn’t necessarily mean we’re in charge or have more authority. Stand next to us. We want you to be our partner, lover and best friend. We can take on the world together, and we should.
  10. We love you the hardest. Alpha women have a very clear, specific and goal-oriented mindset. We know what we want, so if we choose you, it’s because we think you’re the best thing that’s happened to us. We’re proud to have you and will make you happier than anyone ever has. Believe us, we know how.
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