10 Reasons I’m In Absolutely No Rush To Settle Down

Lots of women my age are dead-set on finding the man of their dreams, buying a house, and starting a family. While that’s great for them, I still feel like I’m eons away from even starting to think about that. I might settle down one day, but for now, this is why I have no interest in making any changes to my slightly unpredictable ways:

  1. I actually like my life the way it is. I love my job, my family, my friends, my apartment, my dog, my Netflix, and my red wine. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything or need to find alternative ways to fulfill myself. I’m completely fine chugging along (and chugging wine) and just living my life even if it’s by myself.
  2. I’m not worried about missing out on someone. The least of my worries is wondering if “Mr. Right” is waiting for me. I truly believe that if he’s out there, then our paths will cross when it’s meant to be. I don’t feel the need to waste my time searching for him when I have other things going on. The only thing I’m afraid of missing out on is life.
  3. I have goals to achieve first. Not only am I concerned with just living my life the way I want, but I have legitimate dreams I’m trying to reach. In order to be the best version of myself for someone else in the long run, I know I have to push myself to achieve as much as I want unless I want to end up filled with regret.
  4. I still like to go out a lot. Someday, the party girl inside me might die out completely, and I’ll realize I’m ready to settle down. But until then, line up the shots. I’m not nearly as crazy as I was during my college days, but I still like to enjoy myself after a hard week at work. It makes me feel alive to just chill with my friends and do whatever we want.
  5. I’m spontaneous. I like doing things a little too last minute compared to someone who likes things set in stone when settling down. I enjoy spontaneous plans, changes of plans, even cancellations of plans. Things that are unchangeable just don’t fly too well with me at this point in my life. I still crave the unknown and will continue to do so until further notice.
  6. I still want to travel. There are so many places I have yet to explore. I have ambitions to learn and absorb other cultures different from my own because I want to become a more knowledgeable and accepting person. The more places I go, the more I’ll know, and settling down would just prevent me from doing that. There’s so much out there, and I want to see as much of it as possible.
  7. I haven’t found my dream job yet. Although I do enjoy what I do, it isn’t where I plan to stay. I haven’t found a place where I feel I truly belong within my career, and that’s totally fine with me. I don’t mind bouncing around a little before getting where I’m supposed to be. The journey is half the fun, after all.
  8. No one has persuaded me to want to settle down. Up until this point, no one’s changed my mind anyway. I haven’t met anyone who’s convinced me to slow down or make any permanent decisions, so I don’t really know what that feeling is like. I guess when he comes around, I’ll know it.
  9. I refuse to settle for anyone. I’m in no rush to get into anything serious with some idiot. I take pride in getting to really know someone and not getting high off the feeling of love… or even lust, for that matter. With the right guy, it’ll just feel right and make me realize why it never worked out with anyone else. Until then, I refuse to lower my standards.
  10. I have better things to do. Simply put, I have way better things to do than to concentrate on settling down, be that with a person or in a home. My goals, dreams, and bubbly personality just can’t handle that part of life yet. I have plenty of time left, and I’m sure as hell going to take advantage of it.
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