10 Reasons You Lost My Attention As Soon As You Opened Your Mouth

Approaching a girl you’re interested in is a risky and nerve-racking business. It’s hard to determine the right wait to go about it because you are either headed for a handshake or an eye-roll. While there’s no perfect formula when it comes to asking me out, there are some things to avoid. Here are 10 reasons why you lost my attention as soon as you opened your mouth:

  1. You touched me when you introduced yourself. Do not lay your hands on me. This is the first impression and it makes me feel very uncomfortable when you’ve already broken a physical barrier. A hand on the back, a brush on the leg, and arm around the shoulder — please don’t.
  2. You have have a creepy name. If you introduce yourself as “Randy” or “Dusty,” I’m sorry, but your chances have basically been shot. It’s really nothing personal, it’s just unattractive. I guess you can thank your parents for that one.
  3. You had bad breath. If I automatically have to hold my breath when you speak, I am going to find a way out immediately. No girl wants to talk to a guy with rancid breath. It turns anything you say into irrelevance for the soul fact that we can’t concentrate on what you’re saying. Try a Tic-Tac.
  4. You delivered a terrible pickup line. Personally, I absolutely hate any type of pickup line for its cheesiness and insincerity. If you approach me with, “Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?” I am most certainly going to roll my eyes and turn my head.
  5. You assumed I’m interested. Right away, you approach me as cocky, over-confident individual who swears that we were asking for attention. I’m sorry, who are you?
  6. You mocked me. Making fun of a girl is NEVER a good idea. Unless I know you really well, I don’t find it funny or cute. So poking fun at things I’m being serious about won’t earn you my number. Listen to what I’m saying and stop trying to hit on me.
  7. You thought I owed you something because you bought me a drink. Just because I accepted an invitation to a free drink doesn’t mean I owe you a dance or a kiss. Believe it or not, there are girls at bars with standards who want to have good conversations, not meaningless hook-ups.
  8. You asked if I have any friends for your friends. Do I look like a negotiator? We aren’t here to entertain you and your friends for a night. If you ask this within minutes of meeting me, I’ll realize what it is you’re after and lose interest. And your friends aren’t worthy of meeting mine, anyway.
  9. You got mad if I declined a gesture. If I don’t want a drink, don’t want to dance, or don’t want to talk, don’t throw shade at me for it. I’m either interested or not, so don’t make it harder on yourself by getting offended and rude.
  10. You didn’t have the right intentions. For us classy girls, we’ll see right through you. So if you approach someone with the intention of a hook-up, you will get what you deserve. Think about that next time you try to “pick up a chick.”
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