10 Reasons To Love Your Body As-Is

10 Reasons To Love Your Body As-Is ©iStock/AnnaKravets

Being truly comfortable with your body is something a lot of women struggle with. Even though we know that no one’s perfect and that self-esteem has to start with loving ourselves unconditionally, it’s easier said than done. The reality is, when it comes to your body type, there are some things you can work on improving, and there are other things that you’re pretty much stuck with whether you like it or not.

  1. No one is judging you as harshly as you think. Everyone is so busy worrying about themselves, that there isn’t much time left to scrutinize you too closely. No one else is seeing half the flaws you see, so if you just decide to ignore them, no one will be the wiser.
  2. You only get one body. It’s not like if you hate your body thoroughly enough, someone will take notice and go, “here, have this body instead”. So what good is it to be so hard on yourself? This is the body you were given, so you might as well make peace with it.
  3. Your opinion of yourself matters way more than anyone else’s. Even if there are people out there that don’t love your body, they don’t matter nearly as much as you do. You’re the one that has to live in it, not them, so what they think of you should have no bearing on what you think of yourself.
  4. No two bodies are made equal. Photoshop might make it seem like the perfect body is a one size fits all kind of thing, but that’s not reality. Just because your body isn’t the same as a model on the cover of a magazine, or even the same as your best friend’s, doesn’t mean it isn’t still beautiful in its own way.
  5. You should focus on the positive. Even if you have a few problems areas you’d like to work on, there are probably still other parts of you that are pretty awesome. Maybe you hate your stomach, but you have great legs. Choose outfits that highlight the parts you’re proud of, then the other areas won’t seem quite as important.
  6. You should appreciate it while you’re young. Tina Fey recently said that if there’s one thing young women shouldn’t worry about, it’s their bodies. As you get older, your body is going to change, and you’ll never look quite the same as you do now. Might as well show it off while you can.
  7. Your body is capable of a lot. It’s not all about what you look like and the number on the scale. Think about what your body has done for you. If you wanted to run a 5K, you could work up to that. If you wanted to eat an entire pizza, you could do that too. Not to mention, you’re capable of creating another human life if you want to, so stop being so superficial and give your body some credit.
  8. Confidence is sexy. If you love your body, you won’t be as preoccupied with everything that’s wrong with it. You’ll be able to wear whatever you want, have sex in every position imaginable, and never ask a guy to turn off the lights again. Guys are a lot more likely to notice confidence than the tiny flaws you obsess over in the mirror when you’re home alone.
  9. There are probably people who would kill for your body. Guaranteed, someone has looked at you and thought, “damn, I wish I had her boobs” or “I’d do anything to have legs like that.” We all have a different idea in our heads of the perfect body, and to someone, yours is just that.
  10. There are more important things to worry about. Why even waste energy on hating yourself? Who is it helping? Instead, choose to be comfortable with who you are, and you’ll be surprised how much weight will be lifted off your shoulders.
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