10 Reasons Strong, Independent Women Are Irresistible To Men

We’re often told that men are turned off by strong women, but quite frankly, that’s a load of BS. Good men enjoy the challenge that comes from dating an intellectual equal. Relationships with mature, independent women are exciting and interesting . If you’ve ever been taught that you’d be rejected or ignored for being a badass woman, you should know these reasons why plenty of guys actively seek us out:

  1. We’re straight to the point. There’s no beating about the bush. We know what movie we want to see, where we want to eat, and what to watch on Netflix. Strong women tend to lead busy lives, so we’re used to straight-talking. We have no intentions of wasting time with the “I dunno, what do you wanna do?” crap, which means there’s more time for the fun stuff.
  2. We expect the best from people. Men can’t free-wheel in relationships with strong women. Shortcomings and problems aren’t swept under the rug, which means that everyone is expected to push themselves to improve and be the best they can be.
  3. We want intellectual conversation. We don’t like fluffy small talk and BS platitudes. A strong woman is worldly, intelligent, and passionate. While we might not hide our love for sitcoms and reality shows, we can hold our own in a battle of the brains. Unless hungover, we’re quick-witted and expect our verbal sparring partner to be able to jump from Nietzsche to particle physics to “Friends” just as fast as we do.
  4. We won’t put up with immaturity. Childish relationship games just aren’t going to fly — we won’t get jealous over photos of our men with other women on Instagram, we’ll just move on. Similarly, men don’t have to put up with that from us. We’re honest with our feelings and expect the same back.
  5. We’re better in bed. Without wanting to sound arrogant, we’re pretty good. A strong woman knows what she likes and will happily ask for it. It’s fair to say that we’ve spent a fair amount of time single since we’re often too busy to hold down long-term relationships, so we know our own bodies pretty damn well. We’re not shy to get down and dirty, and our sense of adventure means we’re always willing to try new things.
  6. We won’t expect a knight in shining armor. The pressure is off. And to be honest, it’ll probably piss us off if someone comes riding over to rescue us. It’s best to sit back and enjoy watching us slay on our own.
  7. We won’t leave anyone waiting. A strong woman is a busy woman. With work, friends, and hobbies, we don’t have a lot of time for dates. If we’re into it, we’ll be there. We have to keep to a pretty strict schedule to fit everything in, and we expect the same from people around us.
  8. We have a life outside of the relationship. One thing you can guarantee is that a strong woman isn’t a needy woman. We have enough on our plates, so we can happily spend a few days alone without getting clingy.
  9. We don’t care what other people think about us. We live life completely for ourselves. Our looks, hobbies, and love interests are chosen carefully to be exactly as we want them, and if people don’t like it, that’s their problem. There isn’t time to be worrying about what others think when there are far more interesting things to be doing.
  10. We’re successful. Let’s face it: we knew what wanted while we were still in diapers, and we’re not letting anything get in our way. Fearless ambition drives us every day to be the best we can be. We want to have an impact not only on our own lives but on the world, If that’s not irresistible, I don’t know what is.
Kate is a freelance writer and beer enthusiast based in Sheffield, UK. She spends most of her time bouncing off the walls as a result of an unrecommended blood caffeine level, and enjoys reading, walking, and going to the pub in the rest of her spare time.