10 Reasons You Need A Sarcastic Girlfriend

10 Reasons You Need A Sarcastic Girlfriend ©iStock/max-kegfire

Sarcastic women live for the thrill of the sass, which is what makes dating us so fun. We’re not always into puppy cuddles and sappy words of love. We like that sometimes, but we’re more about the art of the sharp tongue and will find any excuse to make a joke out of everything. If you can keep up, we might just be the best girlfriend you’ve ever had.

  1. We live for witty banter. Everything and anything is an excuse to crack a joke, poke fun, and make puns. So if we make fun of you, be prepared to dish it right back, because that’s how we flirt. If we’re sassing you a lot, take it as a sign that we’re really into you.
  2. We’ll keep you engaged. We’ve always got something to say and we can think on our feet, so there are no long and drawn out wait times for us to construct the perfect response. It just comes naturally to us, which not only keeps us entertained, but you’ll always be interested and excited for what comes out of our mouths next.
  3. Our terms of endearment are hilarious.We’re not always going to call you “babe,” and you’ll probably only hear us call you “honey bear” or “bae” sarcastically. We’ll more likely call you a jerk in the sweetest possible way, because that’s how we roll.
  4. We can take a joke. As much as we can dish it, we can take it. It might even get to the point that we sass you back so quickly that you think we’re picking a fight, but we’re actually having the best time ever, so just go with it and laugh with us, OK?
  5. We have loads of confidence. Even when we know we’re not at our 100 percent best, we still know our worth. When we feel and look like crap, we’ll act confident, because we believe in faking it until you make it. We might make fun of ourselves, but we still like ourselves beneath it all.
  6. We keep it light most of the time. We’ll occasionally get serious, but you probably won’t even be able to tell because we’re keeping it light and sassy even in heavier conversations. That doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to get real, but we know that laughter can lighten the mood.
  7. We’re actually massive softies deep down. One day you’ll do a double take because of something truly sweet that comes out of our mouths, and you’ll wonder if it actually happened. Don’t be scared — we do have hearts under our cold and hilarious souls.
  8. Being with us will always feel like fun. We like to joke a lot and flirt in the most non-Nicholas Sparks way possible, and being with us will never feel like work. We like every moment to be happy and full of laughter, even it’s at the expense of making fun of you or being made fun of. Oh, and don’t ever take anything we say too seriously, because we don’t.
  9. Even arguments will feel like fun. When we argue with you, it’ll start out legit… until we find a moment to crack a joke or poke fun of something. If you’ve got a hot temper, it’s probably not going to work well, but otherwise, get ready to make up right away. We have a hard time staying serious in senseless arguments. We might even end up laughing at ourselves for being absurd.
  10. Our sensitivities will be a welcome surprise. Deep down, we’ve got pretty soft layers and once you dig beneath the wit and the banter deeply enough, you’ll be surprised to see we’re actually capable of real emotion and we’re really sweet and sensitive women. That’s just one more thing to love, you idiot.