10 Sensitive Areas On A Man’s Body To Kiss

If you ask your partner where he loves to be kissed the most, there’s an obvious answer. But if you really want to drive him crazy, then you’ll save the best for last and focus on these sensitive areas on a man’s body. There are various places on the male body that can be just as stimulating, which he may not even realize. Try giving these erogenous zones attention before or during the deed. Not only will it put him in the mood, but it can help him have a more powerful climax. And if he’s a gentleman, he’ll return the favor.

  1. Pay attention to his nipples. The nipples are a sensitive area on a man’s body as well as a woman’s, but too often women have been portrayed as the only ones who enjoy attention being paid to their chest. Don’t be afraid to move your tongue around and suck hard. When the two of you become more comfortable with this pleasure zone, you can try giving it a playful nibble to really get him charged up.
  2. Expose his inner thighs. There are tons of nerve endings in the inner thigh that can be sexually aroused. Begin by gently stroking his leg, working your way closer to his nether region. Then move in with your mouth, starting at the knee and working your way upwards so he gets excited for the final blow – pun intended.
  3. Lick the nape of his neck. There’s a reason people love to give neck hickeys – it’s because the neck is one of the most sensitive areas on the body. It’s an easy place to kiss during many sex positions or even if you’re just making out on the couch. As you can feel him getting into it, be more forceful with your kisses, going in for a nibble as the two of you become more passionate.
  4. Play with the perineum. Given its close proximity to his most sensitive region, make sure to pay attention to the perineum, which encompasses everything from the public bone and anus to the inner thighs. Gently lick and kiss the area right beneath the scrotum to give him an incredible sensation. But go slowly and carefully, especially when exploring uncharted territory. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for the anus. There’s a reason it’s called the male G-spot.
  5. From his tips to his toes. If you want to let him know you’re in the mood, grab his hand and take a finger to your mouth. Simulate what you want to do to him elsewhere, increasing his anticipation. But don’t stop there. The feet are one of the most sensitive spots on the body, filled with tons of nerve endings. Start out with a simple massage before going all the way with your lips.
  6. Send chills up his spine. You’ll make him shiver if you pay attention to the contours of his spine. Tease him as you make your way down his backside by starting from the top of his shoulders down to his bottom, working your lips and tongue slowly over the outline of his spine. This is also a great way to initiate sex – when you see your partner shirtless, hug him from behind and start gently caressing his spine with your lips, which will quickly put him in the mood.
  7. Nibble on his ears. While you’re delicately whispering everything you plan to do to him, make sure to caress his ears with your lips and tongue. Start by paying attention to his lobe by gently tugging it with your lips. Then carefully move your lips to the patch of skin behind his ears, making sure to continue playfully nibbling as you watch him perk up with excitement – literally.
  8. Behold the back of his knees. It’s certainly not the sexiest spot on a man, but similar to the back of his ear, this sensitive spot barely gets any attention, meaning he’ll be in for a stimulating surprise when you move your lips there. It’s a great way to work your way to his inner thigh, or vice versa, thereby increasing his excitement for when you finally pay attention to his phallus.
  9. Don’t forget his belly button. The navel doesn’t get enough attention. Though it may not seem like the most sexually attractive spot, the belly button can be sensual to touch. Begin by making circles with your finger, letting him know you want to initiate physical contact. Then move on in with your lips, allowing your tongue to draw the same circular outline. Slowly move down so he begins to fill with excitement as he realizes where your lips are going to next.
  10. Acknowledge the family jewels. Although it may not be a woman’s favorite place to stimulate her partner, there’s no denying it’s one of the most sensitive areas on a man’s body. Make sure to use your tongue to create circular motions to get the blood flowing. Use this as an opportunity to tease him by moving either forwards or backward, depending on which erogenous zone you’re headed towards next.
Alexandra is a freelance writer in Montreal, Quebec. She enjoys shopping as a sport, Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-runs, and being a plant mom.