Guys, Here Are 10 Signs A Woman Wants You To Notice Her And Make A Move

Women have a reputation for being hard to read, and while that may be true in some cases, it’s not impossible to determine if a woman is waiting for you to make a move, thanks to the following signs that is. If she’s guilty of any of the following, then it may indicate that a romance is brewing. It’s more likely than ever that she has feelings and is simply waiting for you to make the first move. The only thing left to think about is if the feelings are mutual, and even more, how you’ll make the first move memorable.

  1.  She Gets Awkward Or Nervous When You’re Around. If her behavior changes when you’re near, there’s a reason. Observe her behavior for signs that you make her weak in the knees. If she becomes more quiet or awkward than normal, it may be because she’s nervous about making a good impression on you. While it may make her come across as aloof or closed off, it’s just a natural reflection of wanting to protect her heart. The more time she spends around you, the more comfortable she’ll become.
  2. She’s Always Texting & Replying To You. If a girl is interested in you, she’s not going to leave your messages on read. It’s already a good sign if she’s simply texting you back quickly. But it’s even better if she’s engaging with what you said. Whether she’s asking questions or providing a personal anecdote, this shows she wants to carry on the conversation and even more, that she’s interested in what you have to say.
  3. She Does Things On Social Media To Get Your Attention. To be fair, this can be harder to decipher than other signs. Some people are more active and open on social media whereas others aren’t, but if you think she’s sending you hints online about her feelings, then you may be right. Consider what she does to go out of her way to catch your attention online. Perhaps she tags you in memes, or maybe she’s gone a step further by uploading photos of the two of you or tagged you in her story. It’s not just that she’s hoping to get on your radar; it’s a sign she wants others to know she her eyes on someone.
  4. She Pays Attention To You In A Group Setting. It’s difficult gauging someone’s feelings when you’re hanging out in a group. Especially if her best friends are there, it’s not strange for her to be focused on them and not you – but that doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t have feelings. It’s important to watch out for the little things she does. If she always finds a reason to sit next to you, or even better, is the first to try and initiate conversation between you two, then it’s all signs things are going well. If she does anything to further your connection, even if others are around, she’s probably hoping you’ll step up and put the moves on her too.
  5. Her Mood Changes If You Bring Up Other Women. This is a sure-fire way to tell if a woman is interested in you. If you don’t have romantic feelings for someone, you’re not going to be turned off if they bring up their dating life. However, if the opposite happens, it’s a sign she doesn’t want things to remain platonic. If you start talking about other women in her presence, watch her body language. If she seems uncomfortable, jealous, or even more, makes comments insinuating you could do better, it could be a sign she wishes to be the apple of your eye.  If you start talking about other women in her presence, watch her body language. If she seems uncomfortable, jealous, or even more, makes comments insinuating you could do better, then it could be a sign she wishes to be the apple of your eye. Be careful, however, because if she thinks you were doing it to make her jealous, she may start doing the same.
  6. She Asks About Your Life & Your Feelings. If someone asks deep personal questions, it’s because they want to get to know you better. If a woman does this, you can be sure she’s doing it in order to help develop a connection. She wants to show you that she’ll be there for you in your ups and downs. Remember, she’s probably expecting you to do the same if your feelings are reciprocal. So, make sure to ask about her life, too.
  7. She Makes Plans To Hang Out One-On-One. We’ve already described how difficult it can be to determine if someone likes you in a group setting given how divided their attention span is in such situations. However, if she’s trying to spend time with you alone, then it’s because she wants things to go somewhere. She wants to focus and develop the connection you have with each other, free from the gazing eyes of others. If you have feelings and she wants to hang out one-on-one, then it’s a perfect opportunity to make it clear how you feel so that things can progress.
  8. Her Body Language Is Open & She Initiates Contact. Observe what her body is doing when she talks to you. If her body is angled towards you, her body seems relaxed and note tense, and she’s using opportunities to make contact with you (whether by giving you a supportive shoulder nudge or placing her hand on your thigh), the signs would suggest she’s into you. Make sure your own body language matches hers without coming on too strong. It’s okay to ask her if she’s alright with someone, such as when you put your arm around her for the first time. This will signal to her that you respect her boundaries and want to ensure she’s comfortable with what’s going on between you two.
  9. Her Friends Say You’d Be Cute Together. Chances are if she’s waiting for you to make a move, she’s already told all of her friends about it. So, if her pals start insinuating things with their comments, such as by saying the two of you would make such a cute couple, they’re likely trying to push both of you to make the first move. You can be bold and ask one of her friends if the feelings are mutual, though there’s no guarantee you’ll get a straightforward answer this way.
  10. She Talks About Making Future Plans Together. Of course, if a girl is talking about marriage and babies and you’re not even officially in a relationship, then run! But if she’s trying to figure out how you’d fit into her future, then it’s a sign she wants you here for the long haul. It doesn’t have to be as clear as her asking how you’ll stay in contact when you move or graduate. It could be as simple as her asking if you’d be down to go see a special screening of the movie you bonded over.
Alexandra is a freelance writer in Montreal, Quebec. She enjoys shopping as a sport, Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-runs, and being a plant mom.