10 Signs Your BFF Was Definitely Your Sister In Another Life

You might not believe in past lives or parallel universes, but do you ever feel like one of your best friends is someone who was probably your sister in another life? Here are signs she probably was.

  1. You love her unconditionally but you aren’t afraid to fight with her. Your bestie is an incredible person and you love her unconditionally. That being said, she also probably irritates the ever living shit out of you sometimes. She’s late to everything. She takes forever to make concrete plans. And the reason why she’s more than just your friend? Well, you’re not afraid to fight with her about those things. People probably tell you that you even fight like sisters. It’s because you’re not afraid to tell her like it is because you know that you will bounce back immediately after like nothing ever happened.
  2. She steals all of your things and you steal all of her things. Over the years, I have accumulated several pairs of jeans and yoga pants that technically belong to my BFF, that I didn’t ask for in advance. And guess what? I have zero intention of returning them. Why? Well, I know for a fact that she’s in possession of a few of my favorite sports bras and at least one makeup palette that “just happened” to slip into her makeup bag one weekend. Sisters steal each other’s stuff and she’s the only person besides my actual biological sister with whom I’m in this kind of perpetual loan arrangement.
  3. You fully intend for your children to call her ‘Aunt’. My BFF and I fantasize about our future kids and raising them together. She wants to be the cool aunt even though she knows I will be the stern one. We already have carved out space in our future lives for each other because we’ve always thought of ourselves as a family. If you’re like me, you’ve never been able to envision your future without your bestie because you forgot what life was like without her.
  4. She’s more of a sister to you than your actual sister. For many of us, our relationships with our very best girlfriends can be more meaningful than the ones we have with our blood relatives. And sometimes you can’t really explain why because it’s just a feeling. It’s kind of like deja vu. Sometimes we feel that about romantic partners and opportunities. And sometimes we feel that way about our very best girlfriend. Listen to the way that she makes you feel. If she feels like your family then I believe you were definitely sibs in another life. You came back and found each other in this one! How wonderful is that!
  5. You treat her family like your extended family and vice versa. My family treats my BFF like another daughter and niece. They know she comes around, they hear from her regularly and she loves them and they love her. She calls my parents her second set of parents and I consider her family my extended family. I’ve even been disciplined by her mother before. If this sounds like you, then you’ve got a sister, not just a BFF!
  6. The way you met tells you everything. Sometimes we find our BFF during times of our lives when we really need someone but we just don’t know it yet. Two women who I consider sisters came into my life and became permanent protectors and guides for me literally weeks and months before extremely difficult times of my life. For one of those women, I met her right literally days after a parent died and we became absolutely inseparable. It was almost like we showed up for each other when we needed each other the absolute most. I believe that relationships that occur like that aren’t coincidental. They are nods from our universe reminding us that we found our soul people.
  7. You trust her with your life. Establishing trust with anyone is hard but establishing trust with your life is even harder. My BFF is my emergency contact and my designated next of kin because I trust her with my whole life because she is my family.
  8. She knows your deepest, darkest secrets and loves you anyway. Sisters share secrets. Sister’s know and accept each other’s baggage without reproach (except where necessary). Sisters carry this baggage with an open mind and heart because they love you anyway. If this is how you feel about your BFF, you’ve definitely got a sister bond going on.
  9. You don’t have to talk to her all the time to know that your relationship is solid. My BFFs and I are so in tune with each other that we actually don’t need to communicate all of the time to maintain a fruitful relationship. I probably communicate more with friend-acquaintances on a daily basis than I do my sisters. We just don’t need as much maintenance as other relationships. I think this is because we are close on a soul level. If I’m having a hard time, my BFFs will usually know because they will reach out and see if I’m okay and vice versa. It’s a weird sister-psychic thing we have going on because we know each other so well. That’s part of why I’m so confident we were together as sisters in another life.
  10. You’d do pretty much anything for her. If you would do anything for your BFF without hesitation, she was most definitely your sister in another life. The best sisters show up for one another and do everything in their power to make sure that they succeed. Think the Ya-Ya Sisterhood or The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. You’d do anything for her because without her you’d be totally lost.
Marie is an ambitious millennial woman, leading a corporate life by day and doing her best to live, laugh and love.