10 Signs He Brings Out The Worst In You

10 Signs He Brings Out The Worst In You ©iStock/RyanJLane

The healthiest, most fulfilling relationships are the ones where you’re not only balanced but are able to bring out each other’s best qualities. When that doesn’t happen and you end up at odds more often than you’re on the same page, there’s a problem. Maybe you’re too similar or maybe he just has an uncanny ability to push all your buttons — either way, watch out for these signs your boyfriend is bringing out the absolute worst side of your personality:

  1. When you fight, you fight dirty. An argument with him is never an example of productive communication. Instead of sticking to the issue at hand, you’ll bring up old fights, wildly accuse him of cheating and lying with no real proof and use things that have nothing to do with your current fight against him. You have no boundaries and logic goes right out the window. That’s probably because he fights the same way and there’s no other way to get through to him than to use his own strategy against him.
  2. You say things you regret a lot. When he pisses you off, you get so caught up in the moment that you’ll blurt out things without thinking. Maybe he said something first, but like your parents always told you, two wrongs don’t make a right. Instead of fighting back relentlessly, try being the bigger person once in a while.
  3. You always feel the need to “win.” Not that you shouldn’t stand up for yourself — you definitely should — but some battles just aren’t worth fighting. You don’t have to have the last word every time. When you have bad fighting habits with him, they’ll probably end up spilling over to other parts of your life — and you don’t want to have a reputation for never backing down from a fight, no matter how ridiculous.
  4. You ignore other relationships for him. A guy should never be your entire life. You need time apart and separate friends and interest if you’re going to have a hope of going the distance. If you let other relationships fade away because you can’t spend time away from him, you’re eventually going to regret it.
  5. He has the same bad habits as you. You’re trying to quit smoking, but he still lights up around you all the time. You want to eat healthier, but he brings fast food home for dinner every other night. You don’t have to lead the exact same lifestyle to be together, but it definitely helps if he respects your choices and keeps temptations away from you whenever possible.
  6. He doesn’t challenge you. When you’re acting like a fool, it’s good to have someone around that will call you out on it. If he just accepts your bad behavior all the time, you’ll never think anything is wrong. The status quo might be fine, but it’s even better if you both encourage each other to be more.
  7. Little things about him irritate you. There will always be things he does that drive you nuts, but when you’re at the point that even the tiniest thing will put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day, you have a problem. His habits aren’t charming anymore, and you’ve turned into an irritable, critical nag. Time to make a serious change.
  8. Your friends hate him because you never say anything good about him. Hopefully you aren’t always a negative person, but that’s how you’re coming across when you never have anything good to say about the guy you’ve chosen to be in a relationship with. If you aren’t happy, you’re free to leave because complaining 24/7 isn’t a good look.
  9. People have said you act differently when he’s around. Are you a completely different person around your friends and family than you are with him? People are going to notice. If you’re always on edge when he’s around, you aren’t free to be your wonderful self, and that’s definitely not a good thing. You can’t wear a mask all the time, and eventually your carefully separated personalities will crash and burn.
  10. You’ve been on and off multiple times. There’s a reason you two keep breaking up, and clearly it’s not changing no matter how many chances you give him. You’re not in love, you’re just addicted to the drama of being with him. Your only choice is to leave him for good and break the cycle.
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