10 Signs He Wants To Get You In His Bed, According To A Guy

Contrary to what you think, not every guy you meet is trying to get you into his bed. Granted, that’s probably a long-term goal, but it’s not always his sole focus when trying to court someone. On the other hand, there are some guys who want nothing more than to get laid. Fortunately, these guys aren’t always great at hiding their intentions. Here are some signs that he’s only interested in a roll in the hay.

  1. He focuses on your appearance. Most guys believe that giving you compliments is the best way to get you into bed. Specifically, they will focus on what you look like and the clothes you’re wearing. Guys who aren’t obsessed with sex will be more likely to tell you how smart and funny you are. But a guy who’s fixated on getting laid will only see the exterior.
  2. You catch him staring. In fairness, some guys are classy enough to only stare at your face and eyes. However, if sex is on his mind, his eyes will drift to other parts of your body. Of course, he might try to be slick when checking out your assets, but it’s kind of impossible not to notice.
  3. He breaks the touch barrier. Hopefully he won’t be too creepy about this, but if he’s eager to get you into his bed, he’ll look for any excuse to get his hands on you. He might brush your hand or graze your back. If he’s confident, he might try a little more. The bottom line is that he’ll take any opportunity he gets to touch you. Meanwhile, guys who are willing to wait for another date or two will be more respectful.
  4. He stands/sits really close. It’s his way of showing that he doesn’t want anyone or anything else between you two. He also wants to make it clear that you are his primary focus. In a way, that’s sweet, but I can see how you ladies might find it a little creepy.
  5. His bedroom is clean. It’s amazing how messy a man’s room can get when he doesn’t plan on anyone seeing it. However, if he cleans his room (or his entire home), it’s a clear sign that he wants you to see it. Most guys just assume a woman won’t sleep with them if they come off as messy. They just assume that a clean bedroom will lead to sex.
  6. He licks his lips. I promise this isn’t as creepy as it sounds. Odds are a guy who is licking his lips around you is doing so subconsciously because he’s attracted to you. It’s his way of showing interest in taking you to bed. If you notice him doing this frequently, it’s a safe bet that he’s thinking about how to get you back to his place.
  7. He tries to look his best. If he knows he’ll see you and is planning to make a move, there’s a good chance he’ll try to look his best. It’s actually kind of amazing how detail-oriented guys become when they think sex is on the cards. A big part of that is trying to dress and look our best, believing that will help seal the deal.
  8. He makes suggestive comments. Part of this is intentional because he wants to get you thinking about the possibility of getting naked. He just wants to put the idea in your head. Also, his brain is so consumed with thinking about sex that he sometimes can’t stop himself from speaking in double-entendres.
  9. He puts forth time and effort. He texts you frequently, take you on dates, and do whatever he can to get in your good graces. Unfortunately, genuine guys looking for a serious relationship might behavior in a similar fashion. It can be hard to tell the difference sometimes. Then again, just because a guy wants to sleep with you doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in a relationship as well.
  10. He’s eager to invite you over. A guy can’t get you into his bed if he can’t convince you to come to his home, right? This might be the best way to decipher that a guy is dying to get you into bed. He’ll pull out all of the stops to get you to come over. Every date idea he has will involve his place. He knows that getting you to come over is his best chance of getting you in bed. Whether or not that happens is up to you.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.