10 Signs He’s Desperate To Sleep With You, According To A Guy

Sex isn’t always the only goal of dating, but it’s usually toward the top of the list, especially for guys. That being said, there are situations when he might be a little more desperate to sleep with you than usual. In these situations, getting you into bed becomes the top and sometimes only priority. Here are some signs that can indicate that a guy is utterly desperate to sleep with you.

  1. He compliments your appearance/clothing. Obviously, a guy who wants to sleep with you will want to get into your good graces. Flattery, of course, is one of the best ways to accomplish this. But if his top priority is to take you to bed, his thoughts will be focused solely on your appearance. He won’t mention your personality or sense of humor. Instead, he’ll compliment you on how you look and your clothing. If he can’t look past what you’re wearing, he’s likely fixated on getting to see what’s under the clothing.
  2. He sits real close. Sure, it’s good to sit close to and maintain eye contact with someone you’re trying to woo. But some guys tend to sit too close because they are desperate to create a feeling of intimacy. If you notice that he keeps inching closer to you, it’s a safe bet that sleeping with you is the only thing on his mind.
  3. He’s eager to break the touch barrier. One big reason why a guy keeps inching closer to you is so he can have an excuse to break the touch barrier. He might try to initiate an “accidental” brush with you. He might also look for any excuse to put his arm around you or rub your shoulders. These are obvious signs that a guy is growing desperate to sleep with you. Most guys who would like to sleep with you but aren’t obsessing over it will keep a respectful distance. If he’s fixated with trying to get you into bed, he’ll be busy trying to break the touch barrier.
  4. He’s dressed to the nines. Most guys with one-track minds think that looking their best is a key to the bedroom. If they look like a million bucks, how could you turn them down? Obviously, all guys want to look nice if they’re courting someone, but if he goes a little overboard with his clothing and/or cologne, he’s trying real hard to sleep with you.
  5. Your next date is at his home. A guy doesn’t have to ask you back to his place at the end of the date if the whole date is at his place. Pretty tricky, right? A lot of guys will use this technique when they’re desperate to sleep with a woman. Of course, he’ll have a clever excuse for why you should come over like a promise to cook dinner. However, if he’s insistent that your next date is at his place, he’s pulling out all of the stops because he’s getting desperate to bed you.
  6. His bedroom is clean. If you go to his house and his bedroom is clean, it’s another strong indication that he wants to sleep with you badly. In fairness, some guys like to keep their home clean all of the time just because. But it can also be a sign that he’s leaving nothing to chance when it comes to getting laid. He doesn’t want a messy bedroom to be the reason he doesn’t get some action.
  7. Late-night texts. Yes, sending a goodnight text every night is very gentlemanly, but guys who are only looking to sleep with you will do the same thing. They just do it in a different way. If his late-night texts urge you to picture the two of you in bed together, he’s trying to manipulate you because he’s desperate to sleep with you.
  8. He gets upset when you pull away. I just want to say for the record that nice guys will always respect your boundaries. But when a guy’s top priority is sex, he gets angry when you slam on the breaks. Guys like this always think that a kiss must lead to something more. Of course, when it doesn’t, he gets angry. This is a clear sign of his desperation.
  9. He brags about himself. This is one of the classic signs of a player who’s only out for sex. Guys like this always feel like they need to convince you of their worthiness. They’re akin to a bad salesman who’s trying to sell himself. They try to pump themselves up to make you think that not sleeping with them is a mistake.
  10. He shares a dream about you. I should mention that most of the time this will be a sexy dream he had about you. A guy who’s desperate to sleep with you just wants to plant the thought of it in your head. He wants you to start thinking about a sexual encounter with him. If it matters, a guy may not be lying about having a dream about you if he’s desperate to sleep with you. I’m not saying that’s a good reason to sleep with him; I just want to point out that he probably isn’t lying.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.