10 Signs He’s In Denial About His Feelings For You

Sometimes people have a hard time admitting when they have romantic feelings toward another person. It might be because someone has hurt them in the past or it could be because they don’t feel they are ready to be in a relationship. When that happens, they may be unwilling or unable to accept how they feel to you or even to themselves. How can you be sure? Here are 10 ways to know he’s got feelings for you but he’s in denial.

He makes sure you’re thinking about him.

You’re on his mind often and he wants to make sure that he’s on your mind too. He’ll send you texts to ask you questions that don’t need to be answered right away. He sends you memes or songs you might like. He likes your social media posts or even comments on them. He’s ensuring that you don’t stop thinking about him.

He introduces you to friends, family, or co-workers.

He’s not keeping you to himself. He wants to be seen with you. More importantly, if you go out with him and his friends, family, or co-workers, he can ask them what they think about you. That gives him the opportunity to talk about you and validates his feelings.

He remembers things you’ve told him.

It could be little things like your favorite color to bigger things, like your birthday. He remembers you had that big interview or exam and he phones or messages to ask how it went. If you were having a bad day and told him about it, he checks up on you to see how you’re feeling the next day.

He asks for your opinion.

What you think matters, so he’ll ask you about stuff that matters to him. He’ll want to know how you feel about him changing jobs or changing gyms. He’ll ask your opinion about wearing the faded concert t-shirt or the new polo that he bought last week. If he has a problem with someone, he’ll ask you how you think he should resolve it. He thinks your opinion is worthy.

He is available when you need him.

When you need a shoulder to cry on, help to fix the sink, or muscles for moving, he’s there. He doesn’t just make himself available when he has nothing better to do. He rearranges his life so that he can be there when you ask him for help.

He does little things he knows will make you happy.

If he’s going by that vintage bookstore that you talked about and sees the book you mentioned that you can’t find anywhere, he’ll buy it for you. He picks you up from work when it is raining. He puts on your favorite chick flick when you’ve had a rough day even though he can’t stand it. He looks for opportunities to make you smile.

He pulls back after you have a great date or a good day together.

Whether you’re dating or just friends, he gets freaked out when you’ve had a good time together. His feelings get all mixed up in his head and he’s trying to keep them under control, so he’ll make a point of not calling you for a couple of days. He’s trying to get a grip on the situation and the only way he can do that is to not see you.

He makes a point of telling you he’s not seeing anyone else without specifically saying he’s not seeing anyone else.

You’ll never hear him say, “I want you to know I’m not seeing anyone else,” because then you would know how he feels. He will mention that he spent Saturday night at home alone watching movies, though. He will mention that he doesn’t have anyone to bring to his brother’s girlfriend’s best friend’s wedding. He thinks he’s being casual, but he wants you to know that there’s no one else in his life.

He makes excuses to see you or talk to you.

He’ll phone you to ask if you watched the baseball game, even though he knows you don’t watch sports. He stops by your work to see if you want to go for lunch because he was in the area. He’ll just text you to see how your day was if he can’t think of a better excuse. Seeing and talking to you is the highlight of his day.

Of course, the best way to know how a guy feels about you is to come right out and ask him. But if you’re hesitant to ask, see if he’s doing these things that suggest he may be in denial about his feelings for you. Even if he says, “We’re just friends,” give him some time. He just needs to figure things out.

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