10 Signs He’s Never Going To Settle Down With You

You may have had high hopes for your relationship, but the truth is that not every guy you meet will have the same intentions as you do. To save yourself the heartbreak, you have to be on the lookout for certain red flags or signs that he’s never going to settle down with you. This way, you won’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t see you in their future and you can move on to finding the love of your life.

  1. He entertains other women. A guy who’s ready to settle down will only give his time and attention to one woman. That woman is the center of his universe and he would never do anything to make her feel insecure. If your guy entertains other women, meaning he actively flirts or cheats with them, stop wasting your time. It’s clear that he wants to live the bachelor life and isn’t ready to settle down.
  2. You’ve never met his friends or family. At some point in the relationship, it’s reasonable to expect your partner to introduce you to his family and friends. This is a clear sign that he’s serious about you and wants to integrate you into this life. If you’ve never met the people who matter to him most, chances are that he’s hiding you or doesn’t think you’re worth bringing home. If he’s also unwilling to meet your family and friends or puts in minimal effort around them, it means that building a relationship with them is not his priority because he doesn’t see any of you in his future.
  3. He doesn’t want to talk about the future with you. It’s normal for couples who are serious about each other to talk about the future, whether it’s getting a house together, having kids, marriage, or simply taking a vacation together. If he avoids having these discussions and brushes them off, it means he doesn’t intend to have you around for much longer. It’s usually a sign that he’s just stringing you along or using you for the moment.
  4. The relationship hasn’t been defined. Guys sometimes claim they don’t like labels, but the truth is, they only do that when they aren’t fully committed to a relationship. A man who’s sure about the woman he’s with won’t be afraid to call her his girlfriend, and let your place in his life be known to others. If he tries to keep you a secret, refers to you as a friend, or even ignores the question altogether, chances are he’s not interested in taking things to the next level.
  5. He doesn’t keep his promises. Are you dealing with a man who stands you up or is always late? What about making important promises and not following through? While this sign may depend on factors such as work and other obligations, a man who’s serious about you and the relationship you share will always make time for you or at least inform you beforehand if he’s legitimately being held up. No guy who likes you will have you sitting at a restaurant for an hour without having a good reason for being late.
  6. You’ve never spent the night and he doesn’t accommodate you. If this guy considers you his soulmate or future wife, he’ll always want to spend time with you and make you feel at home. He’ll do things like invite you to spend the night, clear out a draw or closet space for you, give you your own toothbrush, and even give you a key. A man who is not ready to settle down will only call you over when he wants to have sex and will rush you out of the house after getting what he wants or make excuses to leave.
  7. He takes forever to respond. Some guys suck at communication, but there’s a difference between being bad at it and simply not caring. A guy who’s serious about you will at least check in and let you know he’ll be busy or call you and let you know what’s happening. If he takes hours or even days to respond and is online or active on social media, clearly he isn’t ready to settle down with you.
  8. He prefers to hang out with his bachelor friends and party. There’s nothing wrong with a guy going out with his friends and having a good time. It’s all about the frequency and the activities they decide to engage in. If your guy prefers to be out with his boys all night and comes in late in the night or wee hours of the morning often, it means that he isn’t ready to settle down or even consider married life. If he plans more activities to do with them than he does with you or excludes you from group outings, he’s not serious about you.
  9. You have a stable career but he doesn’t. When people are looking to settle down, they make sure they’ve settled into a stable job and have their finances in order. A guy who’s still immature, unemployed, and has no ambition is not husband material and is clearly not looking to settle down or pull up his socks. Chances are, he intends to leech off you and not pull his own weight. Get out while you can!
  10. He doesn’t make an effort on holidays and special occasions. Couples normally exchange gifts on holidays and special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or during exciting news announcements. It’s their way of showing love, support, and longevity in a relationship. If your man makes no effort during these times, even though you hint at it constantly, and get him gifts, he’s not looking to settle. You can also tell he’s not ready to settle if he’s reluctant to spend time with your loved ones, and even you, during these times.
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