10 Signs He’s Not Marriage Material

A guy who’s not marriage material will display plenty of red flags — it’s up to you to look out for them. If you’re hoping the guy in your life will put a ring on it, you might want to hold off on accepting his proposal, especially if he exhibits these signs of not being marriage material:

  1. He’s a Huge Flirt. If he can’t keep his tongue from wagging every time a girl walks past him, you have a problem on your hands. You can’t expect him to completely stop checking out other women, but if he’s disrespectful about it now, it’s only going to get worse down the line. Overly flirtatious behavior isn’t just damaging to your self-esteem — it can ruin a perfectly healthy marriage too.
  2. It’s His Way or the Highway. Do you really want to play by his rules for the rest of your life? If he’s never up to compromise about anything and he always pouts when he doesn’t get his way, these are big red flags. Marriage is about giving and taking, but if he’s always taking, your needs will be left unmet. Resentment is bound to sink in, and look, there goes your marriage up in flames!
  3. He Cracks Under Pressure. Life isn’t always going to be easy. When you hit bumps in the road, you need someone who’s going to stay by your side no matter what. If he’s the type of guy who gets stressed out easily and pushes you away when he’s going through rough times, he’s definitely not ready to get married, and he’s definitely not the guy for you.
  4. He Breaks His Promises. If he tells you he’ll call you by lunch time and you don’t hear from until the next day, he’s clearly a guy who doesn’t stand by his word. It may not seem like a big deal now, but by breaking his promises, he’s showing you that you’re not that important on his to-do list. Do you always want to come second to whatever else is going on in his life?
  5. He’s Obsessed With Your Appearance. Of course, you want to spend your life with someone who’s insanely attracted to you. However, if your appearance is the only thing he likes about you then this is a recipe for disaster. Looks fade, and we’ll all get old and wrinkle at some point. If he’s so focused on how hot you are now, will he accept you 40 years from now when your hair’s gray and you’re only working with 10 teeth in your mouth? Probably not.
  6. You’re Having Too Much Sex or Not Enough Sex. Some people say sex isn’t everything when it comes to relationships, but those are probably the same people who aren’t having very good sex. It’s a vital part of any relationship, and too much or too little of it can make or break a marriage. If the two of you are only having sex every other month, you’re bound to get sexually frustrated in your marriage. On the flip side, if the relationship is all about sex and you’re like cats in heat every night, you have to wonder if that’s the only thing he really wants you for. Compatibility with your sexual partner is a must!
  7. He’s Irresponsible With Money. If he blows his money on frivolous purchases every month or he has a bunch of unresolved debt, run! If his spending habits are different from yours and you’re concerned with the way he handles his finances, it’ll only get worse if the two of you tie the knot. Don’t allow yourself to sink into debt by marrying a guy who thinks it’s cool to spend his entire paycheck on the newest MacBook.
  8. He’s Selfish AF. Stingy and selfish guys are the worst. They always put themselves first, and anything that has to do with you is placed on the backburner. In a marriage, being selfless is something of great importance, so don’t even consider getting married to a selfish guy. It’s bound to end in disaster.
  9. He’s Hesitant About the Future. If he’s willing to get married but he refuses to set a wedding date, leave him! If he doesn’t want to discuss where the two of you will live after you tie the knot, drop him! If he can’t even give you a straight answer when you ask him how many kids he wants, WTF are you waiting for? Give him the boot! A man who can’t talk about the future is one who’s probably not planning on sticking around for too long anyway.
  10. He’s a Mama’s Boy. It’s wonderful if he has a great relationship with his mom, but don’t even think twice about marrying a mama’s boy. You’ll always come second to her, and she’ll always be sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. All.The.Time. His mom will probably never think you’re good enough for him, so you’ll be fighting an uphill battle throughout your entire marriage. If your guy can’t seem to cut the umbilical cord once and for all, drop him off at his mommy’s house and throw up the peace sign as you drive off into the sunset.
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