10 Signs He Just Wants To Get In Your Pants

10 Signs He Just Wants To Get In Your Pants ©iStock/gilaxia

Apps like Tinder make it really easy to find casual sex, if that’s what you’re looking for. Everyone knows they don’t have to commit to a serious relationship to get laid —which makes dating kind of like a minefield if you’re after something a bit more long-term. Luckily, guys who just want to get in your pants aren’t exactly subtle about it, so it’s pretty easy to sniff them out.

  1. You don’t hear from him all week, but he’s blowing up your phone Friday and Saturday night. In other words, he doesn’t care how your work day went, or about the argument you just had with your sister. He just wants to know if you’re going out tonight and if you want to meet up afterwards.
  2. His idea of a date is “Netflix and chill.” He’s definitely not making reservations at the new Thai-Mexican fusion place you’ve been dying to try. In fact, count yourself lucky if he offers you a slice of leftover pizza while you watch half an episode of The Office before getting down to business.
  3. If you hint you have your period, he stops responding. Unless you’re down for period sex– then your plans are still a go.
  4. He sends you penis pics. A guy who is actually interested in getting to know you isn’t going to risk obliterating his chances by sending you a picture of his junk out of blue. Only guys who really have nothing to lose will send an unsolicited penis pic — he’s willing to bet on the 1 in 1000 odds (and that’s being generous) that you’ll be into it.
  5. He never asks you any questions about yourself. Well, besides inquiring about your favorite sex position and the wildest place you’ve ever given a blow job. You know, the important stuff.
  6. He actually says he’s not looking for anything serious right now. Some girls take this as more of a loose suggestion than a clearly stated lifestyle choice, or they assume he means he wants to casually date. But it’s safer to assume that if he says this, it’s his inoffensive way of saying you might end up being a hookup buddy. The most you can hope for is regular booty call status —and even that’s a long shot.
  7. The only compliments he ever gives you are about your looks. No girl hates hearing that she’s looking hot, but if a guy is clearly drooling over specific body parts — like all he seems to notice is the subtle nuances of your ass shape depending on what jeans you’re wearing — it starts to border on creepy.
  8. He avoids meeting your friends. For instance, he insists on meeting you at your place after you leave the bar instead of coming for a drink and going back together. This guy knows your friends are going to pick up on his intentions immediately, and he doesn’t want them telling you he’s not the guy you want him to be.
  9. He only wants to get drinks, never dinner. Drinking lowers your inhibitions and probably makes him look hotter, and makes sleeping with him seem like a better idea than he really is. Not to mention that dinner costs more, takes longer, and there are fewer chances to escape if it’s not going how he wants it to.
  10. You met him on Tinder. I know, I know, there are many legends of people who met the love of their lives on Tinder. But until it happens to me or something I know wouldn’t lie to me, I reserve the right to call BS on Tinder being for anything other than hookups.
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