14 Things Guys Will Say Just To Get Laid

Believe it or not, guys will say ridiculous things and put up with a lot of crap just to get laid. Though some might actually be saying this because they’re into you, it’s safe to say that many have said these things just so they can get action from girls they think are hot:

  1. “No really, I’m single.” I don’t know a single woman who hasn’t been lied to about a guy’s single status at least once. Sure, there’s a very good chance that the guy actually is single, but every once in a while, you might find that you’re dealing with a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  2. “I might be interested in having a relationship with you… later on… a lot later.” Some guys will actually dangle the potential of a relationship in front of you, with the condition that you put out. Though I’m not one for waiting till marriage, this kind of behavior definitely makes for a good argument on why you should wait for at least a little bit.
  3. “I believe you.” True story, I used to make up obvious lies to see how far guys would go in saying that they believed me just so that they could get laid.
  4. “You’re easy. I hate you.” Of course, when being nice doesn’t work, some idiots will lash out at girls in hopes of hurting their confidence to the point that they’ll just do as told.
  5. “I’m a feminist.” Truthfully, there are some guys out there who believe in equality for all genders. However, if you hear a guy talking about this nonstop at a bar, chances are that he’s not all about fighting the patriarchy.
  6. “I’m unbelievably good in bed. For real.” When they get the vibe that a girl hasn’t gotten any play, some sleezebags might begin to talk about how great they are in the sack. They may also begin boasting about the size of their junk, and if it’s done via text, you might also receive a junk pic.
  7. “My girlfriend isn’t as hot as you.” When some jerks decide to be upfront about their philandering, they’ll use this line on women they think are gullible enough to be the side chick. If he’s saying this, he’s hoping you’ll just give him what he wants. He’s not looking to leave her.
  8. “Yeah, my dad owns a dealership. I have a Lamborghini.” Because nothing is quite as attractive as a guy who feels like money is his best asset.
  9. “No one else makes me feel the way that you do.” As in, horny. Horny, as in, horny at that particular moment. Obviously, this is a bit different if you two have been dating for a long time, but still. If he’s been a player to you and nothing more, you already should know what it means coming from him.
  10. “You’ve got a banging body.” Generally, if a guy keeps talking about how hot your body is, it’s because he wants to bang you.
  11. “You’re too good for me.” This is tricky, but pretty obvious. When a guy says this, he’s saying he wants to sleep with you but that he doesn’t want a relationship with you. It’s also a classic kiss-off breakup line. Guys are selfish. If he really felt like that, he would be putting every effort to keep you.
  12. “I just want to cuddle. Take off your clothes — we don’t have to have sex.” Does this actually work with anyone?
  13. “Let’s watch some Netflix.” Also known as the classic “Netflix and chill” move. This can also be done with just about anything of interest he might have in his room or apartment.
  14. “I won’t tell…” Some guys might actually not tell, but let’s be honest here. In an age where guys typically boast and trade nude photos online, do you really think he’s being honest about that? 
Ossiana Tepfenhart is a New Jersey based writer and editor with bylines in Mashed, Newsbreak, Good Men Project, YourTango, and many more. She’s also the author of a safe travel guide for LGBTQIA+ people available on Amazon.

She regularly writes on her popular Medium page and posts on TikTok and Instagram @ossianamakescontent.