10 Signs Your “Perfect” Relationship Isn’t Going To Last

If you’re crafting the perfect image when it comes to life with your partner but lack any real substance to back that image up, that might tell you that it’s time to walk away from your relationship. Here are 10 signs that your relationship isn’t as perfect as you think:

  1. You care more about sharing moments online than living them. Do you post couple selfies every day? Do you keep your Facebook friends and Instagram followers updated on everything that you and your boyfriend do? If the answer is yes, then it’s totally possible that you care more about the bragging rights that having a BF affords you than the actual guy you’re with. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your happiness online, but at a certain point, you have to keep things between the two of you.
  2. You always wonder if you settled. No one is perfect and it’s impossible to find everything that you want in a partner, but you should still be excited about sharing your life with this guy. When you’re not or you wonder if a part of you settled, that’s a sign that things aren’t as peachy as they seem on the outside.
  3. You’re jealous AF of your single friends. If you’re one of those relationship people who wishes that they could still use Tinder, then you should take a long, hard look at your love life because that’s just not normal. You should be thrilled that you have found someone to call your own instead of being annoyed that you can’t swipe with the rest of them.
  4. You’re jealous of your coupled-up friends too. This is even worse. You’re living out your own love story, so why do you hate hearing that your BFF’s boyfriend surprised her with a beach vacation or that another friend is moving in with her boyfriend after a few years? You’re obviously not getting something from your own relationship that you know that you should, and it’s driving you crazy.
  5. You invent your own romantic reality. When your best friends ask how things are going with your boyfriend, you totally fabricate. You say things couldn’t be better when you’re actually wondering why you haven’t seen him yet this week and you don’t let on that the two of you are fighting 24/7. No relationship is perfect all of the time (or even some of the time), and feeling the need to present this flawless picture might suggest that you know deep down things aren’t working out.
  6. You never have a plus-one for parties and events. The whole point of having a BF is inviting him to your work events and family dinners and friends’ birthday parties. Okay, it’s not the entire point, but it’s a nice perk. You want to share your life with this guy and part of that means bringing him into your world. If that’s not happening, either because you don’t want him to come or he always says no, that’s not a great sign.
  7. You never talk about the future. You could think that this guy is “The One” and that you’re on the same page about where your relationship is going, but he could think the total opposite. Never talking about the future is a massive red flag.
  8. You’re both living separate lives. You’re still living your single girl routine and he’s doing his own thing too. You rarely see each other, you never miss the opportunity to go to an evening yoga class or see your friends, and yet you think that you’re in a relationship. What’s the deal?
  9. You never bring him into conversations. You don’t want to be that annoying AF girl who can’t stop mentioning her boyfriend. When someone says they love french fries, you don’t want to be all “OMG, my boyfriend loves french fries too!” But it’s equally weird if you never talk about him. If he’s a big part of your world, he should be a big part of your discussions too.
  10. Your friends hate him. You don’t have to dump someone just because your friends or family aren’t fans. You do have to think about why they feel so negatively about the guy that you’re calling your own, though. They know you well, they care about you, and they have a right to have an opinion. What if they’re honestly right on the money about this guy? Listening to them might save you a lot of heartache.
Aya Tsintziras is a freelance lifestyle writer and editor. She shares gluten-free, dairy-free recipes and personal stories on her food blog, ahealthystory.com. She loves coffee, barre classes and pop culture.