10 Signs Your Ex Is Jealous Of Your New Relationship

So, you’re finally over your ex and you’ve just started dating someone new. Things are going well and you’re on the right track. Good for you! You deserve happiness and you have the right to move on with someone new. However, your ex might not be quite ready to move on yet. Here are a few signs that your ex is jealous of your new relationship. Sucks to be them!

  1. They’ve started texting you out of nowhere. If your ex pops up in your text messages all of a sudden and seems to be reaching out to you out of nowhere, there’s a good chance they heard that you’re dating someone new and they don’t like it. They might not mention anything about your new bae and might simply ask you questions or make comments that “suggest” they’re curious and if they do, it’s a pretty good sign that they’re jealous.
  2. The time of day they contact you is key. If your ex tends to contact you at specific times of the day, it can be very telling as to whether they’re jealous of you and your new relationship. If they mostly contact you in the evenings, specifically around traditional date times, it’s a big sign that they’re jealous and trying to catch you when you’re out with your new partner. They don’t like the idea of you out having a good time with someone else so they’re going to do everything they can to pull you away from them, even being so petty as to annoyingly text you during a date. Do yourself a favor and turn your phone off so you can focus on your awesome date.
  3. They stalk your social media. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your ex has been stalking your social media because there are sneaky ways for people to creep without being seen. They might be going out of their way to like and comment on all of your posts, likely conveniently leaving out the posts with your new person, but even if they’re not, there are ways to tell if they’ve been creeping you online. A big way to tell is through your stories. Stories will show you who’s been viewing your stuff and if they’re always on the list of people who’ve seen your story, there’s a good chance they’re scrolling through your profiles waiting for an update from you.
  4. They’re all about ‘checking in’ on you. If your ex feels the need to incessantly reach out to you and check in on you or they all of a sudden seem so concerned about your health and well-being, it’s a definite sign that they’re just jealous. They try to cover up their stalking by claiming that they’re just thinking about you and hope you’re doing well. Maybe if they had cared a little more about your well-being when y’all were together, you wouldn’t have broken up.
  5. They’re desperate for random conversation with you. If it seems like they’re constantly trying to make conversation with you over the most random things, it’s probably just another excuse to stay present in your life. They want to try to insert themselves into your daily life in the hopes that they’ll be consistently on your mind. It’s kind of petty and a little sad and you wouldn’t be wrong for choosing not to engage in those conversations.
  6. They try to remind you of the past constantly. Another tactic often used by jealous exes is an attempt to woo you with nostalgia by reminding you of the good times you shared with them before your break up. If your ex is sending you pictures from your relationship or even just constantly trying to remind you of happy or funny memories the two of you shared, they’re just trying to pull you away from your current relationship and stop you from moving on. Don’t let them.
  7. They throw shade at your new partner. If your ex seems to try to cut down your new partner every chance they get, it’s time to officially cut them out of your life. It’s completely unfair for them to insult the person that you’re dating or make comments that are rude or critical. If they’re saying these things to you, tell them off, block their number, and refuse to tolerate it. If they’re saying these things to other people, do everything in your power to completely ignore them. They want to get a reaction from you and you can’t indulge them.
  8. They reach out to you for help or advice all the time. If your ex reaches out to you seeking advice or comfort for some kind of hardship they’re going through, it’s definitely a sign of jealousy and an attempt to get closer to you. They most likely have plenty of other people in their life who they can go to for help but if they’re purposely seeking out their ex-partner, it seems like they just really want an excuse to talk to you. If you want to still be someone that they can come to for help, be that for them, just remember to set clear boundaries now that you’re in a new relationship.
  9. They become obsessed with your new partner. If your ex is jealous of your new relationship, it’s likely that they’ll become somewhat obsessed with your partner. They’ll probably go out of their way to ask your friends about them, stalk their social media, and even try to find out personal info about their lives such as where they work and live.
  10. They try to make YOU jealous. Another clever way exes express their jealousy of your new relationship is by trying to turn the tables and make you jealous of them. If your ex suddenly starts dating someone new too and seems to be trying to flaunt the relationship in your face, it’s pretty obvious they’re only doing it to get to you. Whatever. Let them do what they want and don’t pay any attention to it. You’ve got someone special and better in your life now and you deserve to enjoy that relationship and give it the time and attention it deserves regardless of how your ex reacts. They had their chance with you and they blew it. Their loss.


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