10 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back And You Need To Give Up

10 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back And You Need To Give Up

Not every break-up means that a relationship is over for good. Sometimes second chances are given, and two exes can end up living happily ever after. Just look at Jen and Ben! However, other times, there’s no hope of reviving a relationship. And the sooner you accept that your old relationship is dead and gone, the sooner you can move on to happier times. How do you know that your ex is completely over you and it’s time to give up? Keep reading to find out!

  1. They have happily moved on to someone else. When your ex has moved on, take it as a sign that they won’t come back to you. While anything can happen, the fact that they’ve met and formed a relationship with someone else shows that they have no intention of being with you again. If you keep waiting for an ex who has moved on, you’re likely to end up hurt, frustrated, and disappointed.
  2. They deleted you from social media. These days, you can tell a lot about where someone stands from how they act on social media. When anyone deletes you (or blocks you), it’s a sign that they don’t want anything to do with you in real life either. Usually, when an ex does want to get back together, they’ll keep looking at your social media accounts. They might even try to reach out to you through that platform. Deleting you shows that they don’t want to contact you again.
  3. They never talk about you with mutual friends. If you have mutual friends with your ex, they can provide some insight on how your ex is placed. Often, when someone still has feelings for their ex, they’ll tell their friends about it. A sign that your ex doesn’t want you back is if they never talk about you with your mutual friends. Or worse, if your ex badmouths you to friends, you know it’s time to give up.
  4. Your mutual friends encourage you to move on. Your friends might not tell you that your ex has been ignoring you or badmouthing you. But that could be because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. If you have mutual friends and they suggest you move on, take them seriously. It’s likely that they know something you don’t—either your ex has already moved on or has expressed that they don’t want you back.
  5. They no longer go to places where they might see you. Taking steps to avoid you is a big clue that an ex doesn’t want you back. This is especially true if they go to a lot of effort. For example, if they change gyms or stop going to the coffee shop where they know you’ll be, it’s obvious they don’t want to see you.
  6. They’re cold when you run into them. Sometimes an ex can be cold because they’re trying to play hard-to-get. Most of the time, though, they genuinely are not happy to see you. If your ex avoids you and then is cold when they do see you, it’s a clear message that they’re not coming back.
  7. They avoid your family and friends. In addition to avoiding you, an ex might avoid your family and friends. This is one of the biggest signs that they’ve moved on and aren’t looking back. Not only do they not want to interact with you, but they also don’t want to interact with anyone connected to you.
  8. They don’t care if you’re dating someone new. If you’re dating someone new and your ex doesn’t care, it’s a pretty clear sign that they’re not coming back. This shows that there’s little to no feeling left. Of course, many exes will pretend not to care when they secretly do. However, if you know for sure that they couldn’t care less about your love life, take it as a sign.
  9. They encourage you to get back into the dating world. When you’re still on talking terms with your ex, you might think that the friendliness is a sign that they’d like to get back together. But if they encourage you to start dating someone new, it’s a big clue that they’re not coming back to you. This could even mean that they’re planning on doing the same, and they don’t want you to be left pining over them.
  10. They return your belongings. According to Mom Junction, your ex returning your belongings is a red flag that they don’t want another relationship with you. At least for the time being, they can’t imagine ever reuniting with you. So they want to give you back your stuff and, possibly, remove anything else that is still linking you to them.

Why it’s a good thing that your ex has moved on

It can be devastating to finally recognize the signs that your ex will never come back, especially if you truly had your heart set on a reunion. However, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be the biggest blessing in disguise you’ve ever experienced. Here’s why you should celebrate this rather than mourn it.

  1. They weren’t right for you anyway. If something is meant to be, it will be. You’ve probably heard that cliche statement 100 times before but that’s because it’s true (even if it’s a little annoying to hear. If you were meant to be with your ex in some blissful, loving relationship, you wouldn’t have broken up and they wouldn’t have been able to move on from you. The fact that you’ve never found a way to reconcile or experienced the will to do so shows right away that you’re not for each other.
  2. You don’t want to go around in circles. Let’s say your ex was giving you signs that they wanted to get back together and try again. Why do you think it would work any better the next time than it did this time? Unless both of you have undergone a major personality and lifestyle change and can truly say you’re nothing like you were when you were together, it won’t work any better the second time around. And if you have both changed so drastically, what makes you compatible anymore? Think about it.
  3. You have no other choice but to move on too. Sometimes the best thing for us is to have a decision taken out of our hands. You can’t pine over your ex anymore because they’re literally never coming back. That means you can hang onto the memory of them like some pathetic loser (which you’re not, obviously) or you can dust yourself off, wish them well, and move on with your life. I’m pretty sure I know which road you’ll choose.
  4. There’s someone so much better out there for you. At the end of the day, your ex is no longer in your life for a reason. However, there is someone out there who will not only be a perfect fit for you but who will want to put just as much effort and love into the relationship as you have to give. Have faith because you will find them. You just have to open your heart a bit and close it to your ex.
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