10 Signs You’re Serious Even If You Haven’t Had ‘The Talk’

10 Signs You’re Serious Even If You Haven’t Had ‘The Talk’ ©iStock/Gilaxia

Every girl dreads ‘The Talk’. Is this just something casual? Are we exclusive or is he seeing other people? Is this a full-blown relationship? Nobody wants to be the one to initiate this conversation because we’re worried that we’ll scare the guy away. However, whether you’ve talked about your feelings or not, there are some pretty good indicators that he’s serious about you:

  1. He includes you in his plans with his friends. If you’re going out with him and his friends, it’s more than just a booty call. He could easily just call you up on the days when he has nothing better to do, or late at night when he’s done partying with his boys, but if you’re included in his plans, you’re not just a last resort. He obviously wants you around. His friends are important to him and he wouldn’t bring you around them unless he was serious.
  2. You see him more than three times a week. And I don’t mean three times a week after 11pm. If you see him at a regular hour more than three times a week, chances are, he’s shifting his schedule around a bit to fit you in. There’s no way a guy is going to make time to see you that often if he’s just looking to get laid.
  3. He consults you about big decisions. If he didn’t have any type of commitment to you or didn’t see some sort of potential with your relationship, he wouldn’t care about your input. If he’s trying to see how you feel about him moving an hour away or going back to school or making a big investment, he likely sees you as more than just someone to pass time with
  4. He invites you as his plus-one. Have you been to all his family events? All his friends’ weddings? His office parties? He could invite any girl in the world, but he’s choosing you. That’s gotta count for something, right?
  5. You’ve met his parents. A guy isn’t going to bring home just anyone to his family. You know how moms are about their sons. The second he brings you through his front door, his mom is already hearing wedding bells. He wouldn’t bring you to meet some of the most important people in his life if he was just looking for a fling.
  6. He uses ‘we’ a lot. If it’s no longer just about him, but more about you and him together, your relationship is likely headed in a more serious direction. Does he say ‘we’ when he’s talking about future plans, does he use ‘we’ when he’s making decisions, or does he tell his friends what ‘we did this weekend’? If he’s no longer just referring to himself, you’re likely a bigger part of his life than you think.
  7. He’s interested in more than sex. If you’re hitting the sheets every time you hang out and never going on actual dates, he’s probably not that serious about you. But if you’re spending quality time outside of the bedroom and having intellectual conversations that shows he’s actually interested in getting to know you, there’s a good chance he’s looking for something more.
  8. He plans a vacation with you. It’s not absurdly difficult for a guy to get laid on vacation. If he was just looking for sex, I’m sure there would be plenty of women at the all-inclusive resort ready to give him what he wants. But if he’s planning a vacation with you, there’s a good chance that you’re the only one he wants to sleep with. Not only that, but he must really enjoy your company if he’s willing to spend an entire week with you.
  9. He gave you a key to his place. No one is giving the booty call a key to slip into bed with them. If you have a key to his place, he trusts you and he’s taking your relationship seriously.
  10. He tells everyone about you. If you’re meeting people in his life who keep saying they’ve ‘heard so much about you’, it’s safe to assume he’s into you and you only. He’s not going to brag to his friends, family and coworkers about a girl he’s just sleeping with. If everyone in his life knows about you, he’s probably not thinking of you as just a casual fling. Take a hint, girl. He’s serious about you.
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