Are You Wearing The Pants In The Relationship? 10 Signs You’re The One In Charge

In a healthy relationship, neither of you should “wear the pants.” You should treat each other as equals and share the same amount of power. It might sound nice to have more control than your man does, but it’ll only cause friction in your relationship. You’ll become stressed about making all of the decisions, and he’ll become bitter over feeling like your slave. That’s why you never want to wear the pants in your relationship.

  1. He asks for your permission. He doesn’t tell you that he’s going out. He asks you if he’s allowed to go out. He’ll never leave the house without getting your permission first, because he doesn’t want to upset you in any way.
  2. You control his money. Even if he’s the only one with a job, you’re the one who has control over his income. You budget the money, pay the credit cards on time, and purchase the groceries, so if he wants to buy a new video game, he needs to ask you for cash. It’s the only way he’s going to get it.
  3. He hangs out with your friends. He doesn’t argue when you tell him he’s going to the opera with you and your lady friends. He’s so used to them that they’ve become his friends, too. Meanwhile, he hasn’t seen his actual buddies in weeks.
  4. You choose where to eat. It doesn’t matter if he’s craving Chinese, because he’ll take you to an Italian place if that’s where you’d rather eat. You never have to worry about making a compromise, because he always lets you choose the restaurant, the movie, and the vacation spot.
  5. He does everything you ask. It doesn’t matter if you’re being unreasonable, because if you ask him to buy you Chipotle when it’s an hour out of his way, he’ll do so. He waits on you hand and foot. “No” will never come out of his mouth.
  6. He’s always the one apologizing. You screamed at him for something silly, but he still buys you roses to apologize for his behavior. Meanwhile, you never even think of telling him that you’re sorry, too.
  7.  You always get your way. He wants to watch the newest episode of Game of Thrones, but you’d rather watch a rerun of Breaking Bad. Even though you’ve both watched Walter White’s life story a dozen times, somehow he’s the one that ends up on your television once again.
  8. You speak for him. When someone asks him where he bought his tie, you answer for him. When someone asks him how work is going, you answer for him. You think you can explain his feelings better than he can.
  9. You don’t ask to borrow his clothes. If you need to use his cellphone or borrow his shirt, you won’t even ask him about it. However, when he wants to read one of your novels or borrow your deodorant, he makes sure to ask you for permission first. He respects your space, even if you don’t respect his.
  10. You always initiate intercourse. When your partner wants to have sex, he skates around the idea to see if you’re okay with it. However, you don’t hesitate to jump on your partner’s lap to get what you want. You always do.
Holly Riordan is a writer from Long Island, New York who has authored several science fiction and horror books. A graduate of Stony Brook University, she has spent nearly a decade writing for publications including Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, and more. You can find her on Instagram @hollyrio and Twitter @hollyyrio.