10 Stages Of Love You Experience In A Truly Healthy Relationship

When you can’t imagine your life without your partner, chances are you have a great connection and a bond that’s built to last. However, not all long-term relationships are necessarily good for you. How do you tell if yours is? Here are the stages of love you’ll experience in a healthy relationship. How many have you gone through with your S.O.?

  1. The Honeymoon Phase The sparks are flying. You can’t stop thinking about each other and you want to be around them all the time. Physically you feel extremely attracted to your partner, and displays of affection are constant and loving. The honeymoon phase is something that every relationship experiences. Above all, enjoy the feeling of a new relationship that gives you those giddy butterflies.
  2. Building A Deeper Connection After the honeymoon phase dies out, now is the time where you truly get to know your partner – the good, the bad, and the ugly. For some, this is more valuable than the honeymoon phase as your relationship becomes more serious. Here you learn your partner’s hobbies, quirks, and tendencies.
  3. Establishing Comfort When you sink into a season of comfortability, that’s when you know you’re near the third stage. Now, you and your partner are very in tune with each other’s needs and desires. As a result, they understand when you’d appreciate good advice or a tender hug. You know when to buy them flowers or when they simply need a good cuddle. You learn to read each other without words and it’s an amazing feeling.
  4. The Rough Patch This might be the make or break of your relationship. For instance, a few months or even years into your time together, you’ll likely experience a hiccup. Suddenly, you and your partner are finding it hard to get over personality differences. Maybe you disagree on your roles in the relationship, or one of you feels that the other doesn’t care as much anymore. However, this is necessary in order to build a healthy relationship.
  5. Overcoming The Rough Patch If you manage to overcome the tough part of your relationship, you are guaranteed to strengthen the bond you share. At this next step, you and your partner have to take some time to get close to each other again if you feel you’ve drifted away. You’ll date more ad take time to heal. Now you’ll have a new appreciation for your partner that might not have been there before.
  6. Cementing Trust and Commitment You feel like you truly know your person inside and out. Not only have you discovered things about your partner, but you’ve grown into a better person because of them. You trust each other completely and there is rarely a doubt in your mind that they are fully committed to loving you. Your communication is great and the people around you take notice of how good you are together. You are more than able to give solid relationship advice to your friends and feel like you can be an example to others.
  7. Becoming One Everyone begins to realize that you and your partner are now part of the same entity. In fact, you become a power couple, partners in crime. You mesh well and have learned how to work together as a team. At this stage of your relationship, your day-to-day schedule tends to be smooth and full of constant communication and compromise between you and your partner.
  8. Building A Life Finally, it’s time to build a life together. For some that means moving in with each other, getting a pet fish, or dog, or even starting a family. For others, it means scheduling your life with the other person in mind, taking the time to attend every business venture of theirs or every event (and they do the same for you). Support is the most important thing in this stage, and you’ll know how healthy you two are when you feel constantly appreciated.
  9. Crossing the Threshold Firstly, this doesn’t have to mean marriage. You’re walking down the aisle or deciding to become committed partners for life. Either way, you’ve crossed into one of the final stages of a healthy relationship. Most importantly, you and your partner have declared your everlasting love by not only living together but making a faithful promise to each other.
  10. Forever and Ever As you live out the rest of your days, you and your partner become a given in other’s lives. Your friends and family know that where one goes, there is the other. Over the years you remain committed and continue to communicate well. You love as much as you can and kiss like it’s your first time. You know you can depend on your partner for as long as you live.