10 Texts You Would Only Send To Your BFF

10 Texts You Would Only Send To Your BFF ©iStock/Sonertuncer

Communicating via text can be brutal — you can’t figure out tone, sarcasm that just doesn’t translate, and jokes can totally be taken the wrong way. That is, unless you’re texting your BFF You two know each other so well that she just gets you, even when all you sent was a description of your current mood made up of 15 emojis. Your text conversation would probably make zero sense to anyone else, but you wouldn’t send these 10 texts to anyone other than your BFF anyway.

  1. A detailed description of what that Indian food did to your bowels. She’s probably having the same issues since she was right there with you devouring samosas, butter chicken and the extra order of naan bread in one sitting. Being on the toilet for an hour isn’t as bad when you get to text at the same time.
  2. A clandestine picture of the enviable butt of the girl walking ahead of you. You’re 100 percent sure you could do 200 squats a day and still never have an ass like that. Some girls are born blessed.
  3. A secret observation about someone in the room with you. Another friend’s new boyfriend is kind of a know-it-all and you can’t wait until after this meet-and-greet brunch to talk about it with someone. Luckily your BFF is sitting right across from you and you can tell by the half smirk on her face that she’s thinking the exact same thing you are.
  4. An unsolicited penis pic you received from a guy. Actually, the only good thing about unsolicited penis pics from strangers is being able to forward it along to your bestie to laugh about and then vent about how guys today are the worst.
  5. Change room selfies of the five different bikinis that have made the short list. If she’s not actually there to help you pick one out, photos from every angle will have to do. You know she’ll tell you whether the front runner makes your butt look flat or not.
  6. A play by play of the sex you had last night. Well, probably only if something weird, or out of the ordinary happened. Even your best friend doesn’t need to hear about the cookie cutter sex you have with your long term boyfriend. She could probably write a detailed description of it if she had to already anyway.
  7. TMI about your period. Sometimes you just need to vent about how awful it is to be a girl. The cramps, the heavy flow, the sugar cravings, the sore boobs — all of it, really. And of course she’s sympathetic because a couple weeks from now she’ll be texting you the same thing. That is, if your cycles haven’t synced up by now.
  8. A screenshot of a conversation with your crush. Maybe she’ll know whether his last “k” means he likes you or not. Or more likely she’ll tell you to chill out and then distract you with Game of Thrones memes.
  9. Strange questions and observations that pop into your head. Sure, you could Google it or ask Reddit, but you’d much rather try to figure out the mysteries of the universe with your best friend than a bunch of strangers.
  10. A spur of the moment hang out request. Like it’s 2am and you can’t sleep kind of hang out request. Or one of those I just watched a scary movie and now I’m afraid to be alone hang out requests. You know if she’s free, she’ll be there in a second, because being best friends means you don’t have to schedule time with her weeks in advance. You have time for each other even when you don’t have time for anything.



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