10 Texts To Send A Guy To Make Him Totally Obsessed With You

You might have recently met a guy, started talking, and decided that you’re obsessed with him. However, if you’re not sure if he feels the same, here are some texts you can send to change this fast. After all, there’s no use waiting until you’re face to face to make your move.

The witty text

The quickest way to a guy’s heart is through humor, not his stomach. Try to avoid sending texts that could be considered boring, such as ones asking him how his day is or just answering his surface-level questions. Instead, show some personality by cracking jokes, laughing at his jokes, and bantering him at every opportunity. The truth is, guys adore girls who can be playful and goofy. After all, life’s too short to be serious all the time.

The interesting question text

For a guy to be emotionally connected to you, you need to reach beyond the surface-level conversation. Sure, it’s important to know the basics about each other, like where you both grew up and how many siblings you have. That said, don’t just stick to the “how are you doing today?” kinds of questions that provoke one-word answers. Instead, ask him about his childhood. Ask him what his hopes and dreams are. Ask him what his superpower would be if he was a superhero. It’s all about showing him that you’re unique, special, and “cool” so he can’t help but talk to you more.

The smart text

Speaking of interesting texts, you can also avoid the surface-level chat by wowing him with your knowledge. Sure, if you’re constantly trying to lecture him then he might not like it. (I mean, he’s looking for a partner, not a mother.) That said, if you know an interesting fact that he might appreciate, it wouldn’t hurt to share it. This shows him that you’re smart—and a lot of guys find smart women attractive.

The positive text

There’s so much negativity out there in the world already. Therefore, it’s important not to add to it in conversations with your crush. The truth is, people are drawn to positive people. Be empathetic to his troubles but also put a good spin on bad situations. I mean, think about it: who wouldn’t want to spend time with someone who’s a ray of sunshine in their life?

The complimentary text

If he makes you laugh, tell him. If he’s being cute, tell him. That said, avoid showering him with compliments constantly. After all, this can come across as too forward and end up scaring him off.

The visual text

Sometimes texting can become dull if it’s all words and no pictures. Have a little fun and spice things up by sending photos too. From selfies of you looking hot before your next single girls’ night out to pictures of cats that you’ll know he’ll find funny, it’s all about intriguing him enough to carry on the conversation with you.

The mysterious text

Following on from the previous point, try to avoid pouring your heart and soul into the texts to your crush. After all, guys love a bit of a mystery. By saying things like “if only you knew what I was thinking…” and “there’s so much I could say right now,” you’re kind of leaving him hanging, and it’s likely he’ll do anything it takes to solve the mystery. Likewise, you can also create mystery by avoiding texting him all the time. Let him miss you and this will attract him faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

The flirty text 

Let’s face it, guys love to flirt. They enjoy it when women find them attractive. It gives them a much-needed ego boost. Therefore, you can tap into this by sending him flirty texts. From making fun of him to telling him that you can’t stop thinking about him, if you get your flirt on, he’s going to be so obsessed with you that he won’t know what to do with himself.

The sext

Speaking of being flirty, we all enjoy a good sext every now and again. Obviously you don’t want to give too much away too quickly if you’ve only just met the guy, but the odd sexual innuendo isn’t going to hurt anybody. In fact, it’s only going to make him more intrigued to spend time with you.

The appreciation text

Lastly, guys love it when they feel appreciated. (I mean, doesn’t anyone?) Once you’ve been texting a while, it’s okay to let him know how you feel about him. Whether you choose to communicate this to him plainly or opt for more subtle messages like “just the thought of you brightens up my morning,” it will make your crush feel good and want to reciprocate the favor. And who knows, he could end up telling you how much he’s obsessed with you too.

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