10 Things That Automatically Make A Man Sexier

When it comes to being sexy, looks are only part of the equation. After all, a man could have a chiseled chest and a strong jaw, but his personality could be boring and bland. If that’s the case, then no self-respecting woman is going to stick around for long. There are more important things in life than the way he looks. Here are a few things that automatically make a man sexier that has everything to do with his personality:

  1. He’s an animal lover. What’s better than a man who loves animals as much as you do? A man who’s mature and responsible enough to take care of another living creature, that’s what. If he has a dog, you know that he keeps fit by taking it around for walks. If he has a cat, you know that he can put up with stubbornness. That means he won’t freak out when you’re moody for no reason.
  2. He can cook without a microwave. Believe it or not, sticking a spoon into a cold can of Spaghetti Os isn’t actually considered cooking. However, if he can whip together chicken cordon bleu without glancing at a recipe, he’s a definite keeper. If he agrees to be the chef in the relationship, the only time you’ll have to enter the kitchen is to have sex on the counters.
  3. He’s full of random facts. You wouldn’t think it’s sexy to have a man tell you about the genitalia of different insects, but it’s always impressive when someone can pull out random facts to turn a boring conversation interesting. After all, it means there will never be a lull during your dates. Plus, if you’re ever strapped for cash, you know you can send your man on Jeopardy to earn some extra m0ney.
  4. He’s an actual gentleman. Who actually pulls the chair out for their girlfriend anymore? Most women are lucky if their boyfriends hold the door open for them instead of letting it slam in their face. If a guy pulls out your chair for you or walks around your entire vehicle to open up your door, then you know he’s been raised right. Even though you’re an independent woman, it’s always nice to be treated like a queen every once in a while.
  5. He can make you laugh. It’s not a lie that a good sense of humor is the sexiest trait a man could have. After all, even Chris Pratt’s looks will fade, and when that happens, he needs to have a sense of humor to keep him from losing his sex symbol title. As long as he can keep us laughing, no one will grow tired of masturbating to him.
  6. He’s talented in his own way. Even though every girl dreams of their man serenading them with a guitar, he doesn’t need to play an instrument in order to be sexy. As long as he’s talented in some way, he’ll end up driving certain girls crazy. Maybe his only talent is that he can recite every word from the Harry Potter books. It doesn’t matter, because there’s a girl out there with a Slytherin tattoo who will want to marry him because of it.
  7. He’s good with his hands. It’s always nice to see a man covered in dirt. No, you don’t want your man to look like he just climbed out of the sewer when he’s headed to a job interview, but it’s sexy to see him get greasy under the hood of a car. It’s just as attractive when there’s dirt on his hands after working in the garden, because it proves he’s good with his hands.
  8. He knows how to touch you. Some men can make you feel more during a kiss than other men can make you feel during sex. In fact, some men can make your legs shake just by eyeing you a certain way or touching your shoulder. If a guy can make you swoon with one touch or look, then it’s pretty much guaranteed he’s going to be amazing in the bedroom.
  9. He keeps himself fit. A man who takes good care of his body is a man who won’t struggle to carry you over the threshold on your wedding day. Dropping you and ripping that gorgeous white dress you spent thousands of dollars on? No thank you.
  10. He shares his Netflix account. This is the definition of a modern gentleman. Netflix may only cost eight dollars a month, but that doesn’t change the fact that he should be just as willing to share his account with you as he is to share his bed with you. After all, you could use that eight dollars to treat him to ice cream, frozen yogurt, or—if he catches you in a crazy good mood–Chipotle.
Holly Riordan is a writer from Long Island, New York who has authored several science fiction and horror books. A graduate of Stony Brook University, she has spent nearly a decade writing for publications including Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, and more. You can find her on Instagram @hollyrio and Twitter @hollyyrio.