10 Things You Should Do After A Bad Date

The comforting thing about dating is that no matter how hopeless things seem, your luck can turn around in an instant. But before that happens, you have to go on a bad date (or a hundred). While they definitely suck, they’re a part of the process. Here’s how to get through the crappy parts:

Call that one friend.

Or text them since no one really calls these days. The number one cure for a bad date is heading out for some beers with your best friend. You know the friend you should be calling – they’re non-judgmental, absolutely hilarious and always make you feel better. That’s what you need right now.

Categorize the date.

There are all kinds of bad dates. The dates that are all awkward silences. The dates that seem fun but you never hear from the other person ever again. The dates that involve one really awful moment (a racist or sexist comment, a direct insult, etc.). Once you realize what category this date falls into, you can move on and stop thinking about it.


This means something different to everyone. It’s binging something mindless and a night off from thinking about annoying life stuff like how tough the dating game is. It’s an entire pepperoni pizza and watching the game. It’s not leaving your apartment for an entire weekend. It’s going to two yoga classes in a row. Whatever you feel like doing, go ahead and give yourself permission.

Let yourself off the hook.

It’s so easy to play the blame game and think that if you had just said something else or acted differently, the date would have gone well. But there are so many factors and you never know how your personality is going to mesh with someone else’s. Tell yourself it’s not your fault and believe it.

Go down memory lane.

It’s never great to live in the past but if you can think about some of the good dates you’ve had, that’s going to help your mental state. It’s a friendly reminder that yes, good dates are possible, and you’ve experienced them. It will happen again.

Change your strategy.

Sometimes you try to be super nice and end up staying for three hours when you know the date is a total bust. Maybe next time, stay for an hour and then politely make your exit. Nothing wrong with that.

Follow a dream.

The best thing you can do when dating gets you down is make steps toward a goal or dream that you have. Being productive will cheer you up and make you realize there’s more to life than dates.

Break a sweat.

Whether or not you love the gym, it’s just a fact that working out improves your mood. You definitely need to sweat it out when you’re getting over a lackluster night out.

Laugh a lot.

Find a comedy show in your area or watch a funny dating-focused sitcom like Master Of None. They say laughter is the best medicine, after all.

Go another date.

A rebound date, if you will. The only way to truly forget about your last bad dating experience is to put yourself out there yet again and just keep at it. It sucks, but the longer you keep worrying about how your bad luck, the longer you’re going to stay single. So try again.

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